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Books books books.  I’m a book nerd.  I love them.  A really great afternoon for me is to go to Indigo get a Chai Tea Latte (Soy, Extra Hot, No Water, No Foam) from Starbucks and walk around the book store looking at all the new books.  Sometimes, if it’s a really lazy day I’ll pick one up, find myself a chair and start reading.  Or, make my purchase bring it home and crack the spine.  Heaven.

When I was a subway commuter I would plow through at least a book per week.  I started writing down all of the books I had read over the year and rating them.  I have since lost that beautiful document, so I’m starting again.  Short reviews.  If you love books check the list often to see what I’m reading.  If you’re not – you should start.  I converted the Boy into a reader, I’ll convert you too!

July 2010:

Secret Daughter – Heather’s picked it and so have I (Heather for those non-Canadians is the founder and CEO of Indigo Music and Books – she’s usually got some solid picks and it’s one of the many reasons I love her stores!).  I read this book in about 4 days.  Captivating from page 1. Who doesn’t love that kind of book?

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time – Recommended this book for book club.  Had already read it but it’s just SO good!

August 2010:

Mornings in Jenin – Isreal and Palestine have been fighting each other for my entire life.  This book is AWESOME.  Fiction, giving you insight into real world events, that you were either too young to remember, not born yet, too wrapped up in your own life to recognize, or that you trusted mainstream media to deliver you the “true” details.  I’m all over that!

Mockingjay – The third and final book in The Hunger Games trilogy. Too good.

September 2010:

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – I typically don’t read cult books.  I probably wouldn’t have read this one either but my boss gave it to me and told me she loved it.  I read it at a painstakingly slow pace.  It took me SO long to get through.  In the end, it was okay.  I probably wouldn’t give it a gushing recommendation, but it was intriguing.  What I don’t understand is how this is a trilogy.  And I have no intention of reading the other two books.  Unless of course someone gives them to me again… then I might.

It took me two months to read.  That should tell you something.

November 2010:

The Matter with Morris – This was short-listed for the Giller Prize.  It was an interesting story about a father who lost his son in Afghanistan and his struggle to come to terms with it, and his role in his son’s decision to join the army.  I didn’t think it would win the Giller – but I liked it.  It was a bit slow.

January 2011:

One Day –  This is was a book I got from BFF Kate for “the day [my] people call ‘Christmas'” It was a total Kate book.  Kate has such a knack for finding great weird books. Lamb was one of her recommends and it was AWESOME!  One Day is type of book I wouldn’t generally read – romance/love story – but it was written in a cool way.  It starts on July 15 1988, and each chapter meets up with Emma and Dexter on the same day each year.  Cool.  Heartbreaking.  And good. I recommend.

I feel like I’m missing at least one other book that I’ve read recently… but The Girl with the Dragon  Tattoo definitely put me into a book time warp. It’ll come to me.

March 2011:

Annabel – This book was another shortlisted for the Giller Prize this year.  It. was. awesome.  I don’t quite know why it took me so long to get through – I really should start going to bed earlier so I can read more.  It’s about a hermaphrodite born in rural Newfoundland who was raised as a boy, but developed very feminine traits and characteristics. His mother wonders why they have to choose what sex to raise him as, and thinks that once people get used to it – it would just seem normal.  His father, always wanted a boy – and insists on raising him as a boy.  It’s a beautifully written coming of age story and I recommend it for anyone who is confused by transsexual or transgendered folks.  The book makes it so clear to see how a kid who is physically both sexes, but is unaware of it, feels uncomfortable in his own skin, and feels like something is off. He’s different than everyone else. I think once that is understood with a biological basis an emotional basis is clearer too.  Maybe not. But read it anyway, it was great.

Let me know what you’ve been reading – I’m always looking for recommendations!


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    • Have you read the Hunger Games? Dan’s all over these books. It’s a trillogy (the third book just came out) and it’s written for kids (12-14) so it’s SUPER quick to read. It’s basically reality television has gone crazy, big brother and survivor with kids for reals to the death. It’s AWESOME!

  1. I am in love with books too, and also converted my ‘boy’ into a reader. It is so refreshing to hear someone speak of heathers picks. Oh how I miss chapters/indigo, devouring all the new titles, and checking out heathers picks. I have found an english book store in my foreign country, but it is nothing like chapters. Secret Daughter was awesome, I am adding a link to my blog post of book recommendations for you to check out in case you are interested: http://lindsay-mylifeasaforeigner.blogspot.com/2011/03/book-recommendations.html

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