1 Month Down…

The boy and I have officially been living together for one month. It’s been a little messy, quite stressful but overall a good decision. I have learned quite a bit in the last month though, so I thought I’d share it here and give all of you other 20-somethings and new live-ins a heads up on living with a boy.

The coles notes version – it appears we need to compromise…

The TV:

Did you know that October and November are the best months for television? I can hear your doubts… “but the premeires are over?” Turns out for sports fanatic boys, October and November are the best months because baseball playoffs are on, the hockey season is starting and both NFL and CFL are in the thick of things. While this might present a scheduling nightmare, for the sportsfan it’s a challenge worth facing, because the result is sports nirvana.
The problem: I’m not even a little bit sporty. I don’t play, I don’t follow, I only watch when forced, and I can’t even pretend to know what’s going on… I find it all a bit silly to be honest.
The compromise: A girl could be overrun by sports if she’s not careful, so we have created “compromise shows” – these are shows we both like (or I like and I am making him like too) they are gender neutral, mostly sitcoms and we have at least one each night. This way, even if it is the bottom of the 9th the compromise show is what we watch, and sports gets put on commercial status. For the first month, this seems to be working – but the World Series isn’t on yet… so month 2 could be more challenging.
The Food:
Did you know that boys must eat a full size meal every 2 hours, or it is quite possible they will die? It’s true. I don’t know where they keep it, but every 2 hours, like clockwork my boy seems to be positively FAMISHED! Currently he does not eat breakfast… a habbit I am determined to break, perhaps in month 3. But once he starts eating, it seems he can’t stop. I enjoy cooking, but it seems whenever I think I have made enough for both of us for dinner, and leftovers for lunch the next day… he tells me he’s starving 2 hours later!
The Problem: I’m a little worried we are going to be eaten out of house and home! And I am quickly learning why it is that women, mom’s in particular often say they go with less to feed their families – I refuse… I need to eat too!
The Compromise: For this one it seems it’s every girl for herself. We eat together, but I pack my lunch with leftovers before him. I tried being accommodating and letting him take what he wanted first, but that plan left me with very minimal Thanksgiving pie leftovers, and that’s just not cool. When what I thought was at least 2 days of pie for lunch leftovers had vanished the next day, I had to put my foot down.

The Mess:

Now the boy is going to say “you’ve made it sound like a chore to live with me, like all I do is steal your pie!” So I’ll end off with the mess. For this I’ll admit, I am the problem. The thing is I try really hard to be an organized person, but I’m not. I’m late for everything, usually because I start late, leave late and hit traffic. And while my life and my stuff may be organized to me… I’ll admit to an outsider I’m a disaster.

The Problem: I share my room with someone now. I’ve always been a disaster, but for the most part I’ve been pretty contained to my room… turns out he wants to live there too! He has a place for EVERYTHING – it drives me crazy and it drives him crazy that I do not.

The Compromise: I’m trying. I’m reading all about how to be on time for things, and more organized. MSN Today has helped me to this end with yesterday’s article Never Be Late Again.

And as for the stuff and it’s place… well I keep things clean, pick up his socks in the morning, make the bed and I’m limiting myself to compromise television shows, so I think he could do a lot worse!

So one month down, a lifetime to go. There have been other compromises along the way, and I’m sure many to come… I’m thinking specifically of when American Idol comes on in January! But that’s a whole other post… maybe even a whole other blog!

But that’s all part of the fun! The past month has been a big reason why I started my blog, I want to remember all of the compromises. I’m already looking back at the last month and loving every minute of it!


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