Pass the chickpeas please…

First season of Friends, George Clooney guest stars, Monica and Rachael have him and Noah Wyle over for dinner, shenanigans ensue, and in an effort to ease the tension George says, “God bless the chickpea!” I couldn’t agree more, it’s so delicious and filling, one of the great wonders of the world in my opinion.

For the last few years I have been less of a fan of meat, and more of a fan of the chickpea. I never went completely vegetarian, but am largely a “Clean Food” or “Real Food” eater… not a big fan of bacon that can be kept in a box in your cupboard, or yogurt in a tube, or food that comes in buckets. But since moving in with the boy, I have found myself spending more time in the middle of the grocery store than I am used to.

Now, the boy thinks I have been a little hard on him in the past, so I must say this is all said with love. But since I established that the boy can eat, I thought I’d focus on what he’s eating, and what I am used to eating, and how the chickpea all plays into this.

On our first “officially living together” gorcery shop, I followed alongside the cart in absolute shock, as he stocked it full of chocolate bars, frozen pizza, crackers, chips, granola bars and cookies. I had gone grocery shopping days earlier and heeding to the advice of Michael Pollan, I stuck to the outside of the store. I came home with tons of veggies, fruit, meat, grains and some dairy, and the response I heard was “You didn’t buy any food!” I became blissfully aware of the frustration my mom used to feel when she would drop $200 at the grocery store, and her beautiful children would say “There’s nothing to eat in this house!”

I feel the phrase “Pay back’s a bitch” is appropriate here…

So I gave some thought into how I can influence healthier eating, cost savings, and keep the growing boy from becoming enraged at my healthy goals. Last week I spent two evenings baking in an effort to divert from the middle of the grocery store.
I made Rebar’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, my FAVOURITE chocolate chip cookie, secret ingredient… chopped apricots! Sounds questionable but REALLY good. The next night, I made granola bars, with mixed reviews, they were a little cinnaminny but they seem to be a suitable replacement to the over-sugared over-processed, good until the end of days CRAP that is available in the middle of the grocery store. Next time I’ll add more oats, probably some seeds, and use either raisins OR dried cherries, but not both as I did this time (in an effort to replicate the Kashi chocolate cherry bars that I like, but are completely unaffordable).

In an effort to save money, time and stop the boy from eating 60 cookies, and 30 granola bars in one sitting, as I am learning he is quite capable of doing, I only cooked 13 cookies, dropped out the rest of the dough and froze it. Now if he wants cookies he has to take them out and cook them – something he says he’ll do but we both know is not likely to happen. I also wrapped the cut granola bars individually and put them in a bag in the freezer, he takes one each day and puts it in his lunch bag the night before – rather than taking the box of 8 in his lunch bag and acting surprised when it’s gone in two days.

The last thing I did this week was make chickpea fajitas. They are a quick an easy dinner that is filling and delicious providing you like chickpeas. I have told the boy that I would like at least one meatless day per week, this week it was Meatless Tuesday. The problem is the boy claims to hate beans (a texture thing apparently and yet he loves Hummus(?)). However, he still eats whatever I put in front of him like a Hoover vacuum so I’m not too concerned about it. Right now we’re at one meatless day per week… the goal one meatless week per month. He’ll say “Not going to happen” but I’m the cook and I agree with George, “God bless the chickpea!”

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  1. Haha I was just reading this in Google Reader and I must have misread the title because from the first paragraph I thought it was a 1000 Awesome Things post. I'm reading away, chuckling to myself about "God bless the ckickpea" and thinking I have to forward this post to Meaghan. Turns out you're the hillarious author and I need to work on my reading skills! Nice post – my favourite so far.

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