Happy Birthday Big Bird

Two posts in one day, an extra special treat for my loyal followers! I ask you – Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

I’ve seen the promotions on Google for the last week, but today November 10, is officially Sesame Street’s 40th Birthday. Today’s episode is #4187 and features First Lady Michelle Obama as the special guest – they’re planting a garden, and apparently she’s bonding with Big Bird because they are both so tall!

Sesame street was a big part of my childhood, I still love the songs – still know most of the words, remember all the characters, and use the lessons it taught me daily – like sharing and how to cross the street!

I just read an article on the big 4-0 for the Street, and it mentions that Sesame Street has been the subject of over 1000 research studies – making it the most studied television show of all time. Did you know – “One notable study reconnected with adolescents who had participated in “Sesame Street” research as preschoolers. It found that teens who watched “Sesame Street” in preschool had higher grades and spent more time reading for pleasure than other teens who had missed the show as children.” Has my love of the Street transformed into my love of Chapters? I think so!

So here is my tribute to you Sesame Street – I always wanted to live at apartment 123, with Bert and Ernie as neighbours, and Bob and Susan, Elmo and Telly and of course Oscar the Grouch! Here is my top 10 moments from the Street:

Sesame Street Top 10:

10. Kermit – Rainbow Connection (I learned this morning that this song made it to number 25 on the Billboard Top 100, and stayed in the top 40 for 7 weeks!)

9. Mr. Hooper dies – I had to Wikipedia this to see if I was even alive when Mr. Hooper died, turns out I was but just barely. Even if I only remember it from reruns – it was news to me, and it still brings a tear to my eye!

8. Oscar the Grouch – remember his sister? Awesome.

7. Snuffleupagus and Big Bird – remember when no one knew him except for Big Bird, and everyone told Big Bird he was crazy, and he was just imagining his friend. TURN AROUND BOB, Snuffy is right there, sauntering down the street!

6. Christmas Eve on Sesame Street – There was a skating party and trying to get Oscar into the Christmas spirit. Bert and Ernie both sell their favourite things to get the other the perfect gift… Mr. Hooper gives them back their things as his gift to them (Ernie’s rubber ducky, Bert’s paperclip collection) Classic.

5. Bert and Ernie’s hilarious hijinks. Particular favourites are when they go fishing and when Ernie can’t sleep so he brings in sheep so he can count them.

4. Captain Vegetable – “It is I, Captain Vegetable/ With my carrot, and my celery/ Eating crunchy vegetables is good for me/ And they’re good for you, so eat them too/ For teeth so strong, your whole life long/ Eat celery and carrots by the bunch/ Three cheers for me, Captain Vegetable/ Crunch, crunch, crunch!” That’s just good sense.

3. When they made popular bands into muppets – like the Beatles who sang “Letter B” HA!

2. Elmo in the early days – can you believe this guy does his voice!

1. Favourite Sesame Street Song of all time – Ernie “I’d like to Visit the Moon” It’s on my iPod to this day – love it.

There are many more than 10 of course… I didn’t even get to mention my love of Grover and SUPER GROVER, or Cookie Monster…. feel free to comment away on your favourite moments.

Happy Birthday Sesame Street – I hope Satellite TV doesn’t kill you, and that you’re around to teach my own children some day.


2 responses

  1. Um, I'm pretty sure "Follow That Bird," Big Bird's venture into the feature film industry should be part of this list. So good! Just to jog your memory, Big Bird is convinced/tricked into leaving Sesame Street to live with a family of birds because the authorities think he's an orphan. He misses the Street too much and runs away back to Sesame. Highjinks insue of course and we come to the dramatic conclusion that Big Bird is not an orphan because he has his Sesame Street family. Brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it!I'm pretty sure I went to see this for my birthday when it wsa in theatres. I knew right away it would be an instant classic! So good.

  2. That is a classic. I also wanted to mention Muppet Family Christmas – but that was really a Muppet anniversary than a Sesame Street Anniversary.Did you know the boy didn't have access to the Street? Terrible – that's a definite con for farm living if you ask me.

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