I’m back loyal followers!

Hi everyone,

Well the boy and I just spent 7 beautiful days in sunny Fort Myers Beach Florida. It was all full of sun, sand, surf, dolphins, sea shells, shopping, golf and of course fun! The only downside is there was NO internet available… oh Del Boca Vista – the old people seem to remember how to live without Google.

Anyway, to make up for my absence I will be posting my days in Florida in consecutive order…. just one week late.

So day one was a week ago today… Wednesday November 18, I worked until 12:00 and then we hit the road. First stop… picking up the boy’s passport! Luckily that went without incident. Second stop, McDonalds and with full tummies we hit the highway.

After a quick stop at the duty free we crossed the border and encountered some unusual questions… “What do you do for work?” I answered, “I work for a non-profit and ‘the boy’ works at a golf course” Customs answered “How are you affording this trip?” I stopped myself from saying “Non of your business asshole!” and simply answered that we were staying with my parents and we got a great deal on a flight. After a quick search of ALL OF OUR BAGS we were granted access into the United States of America.

Our flight was great, Direct Air out of Niagara Falls was awesome we flew into Punta Gourda, Florida for $149 return plus $20/bag beat West Jet by a LONG shot and parking was FREE!

We got in at night, which was too bad for the boy who had never seen the ocean, but we both felt the warm right away as we walked off the plane, and we woke up to the ocean waves in the morning for our first full day in Florida…

Come back tomorrow to hear all about it!


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