And by check back tomorrow I apparently meant check back next week… Oops! Knitting is finished, so I’m back on the blog train! So, without further adieu…

Day One:

We woke to a beautiful day in sunny Florida and had planned on golfing in Sanibel for the day. The boy rose to see his first glimpse of the ocean right outside out balcony. The condo couldn’t contain him, he was out walking the beach within half an hour – the most eager I’ve ever seen him at 8:00 in the morning in a LONG time… maybe ever! Dad was making us breakfast, so I went to collect the boy from the water and thought nothing of going downstairs in my pajama pants and a sweatshirt… how wrong I was it was probably 25 by 8:30am… PERFECT!

We hit the links with a tee-off at 11:00, and after the first hole, the boy tells me a secret. Surprise, surprise… he’s hungry! Now here’s a question, why does the boy tell me this now instead of 10 minutes earlier when we were in the Pro Shop? Freak. His poor planning, I gave him a bag of almonds to munch on – too bad so sad, he’d just have to wait for lunch after 9.

It didn’t take long for us to find some friends on the course, we saw a number of alligators, and some brilliantly coloured iguanas. (I have pictures of all of these, but I can’t seem to find my cord… I’ll keep looking and you can check back later – as my sister told me recently, “You can’t have everything!”)

Brilliant part of this course, you call in your order from the kitchen when you get to the 9th tee and your lunch is ready for you when you come in – no waiting! I thought that was genius… and in an effort to encourage this practice on all golf courses, I thought I’d share the idea here so the idea can catch on!

We played the last 9 and I had a great game of 128ish, (heavy on the ish – but who’s counting?)

We returned to the condo to see the famous Fort Myers sunset. I had told the boy that you can count the sun down to sleep but he had to see it to believe it… now he’s a believer the sunsets are beautiful and you don’t have to be old to appreciate them.

We had our first taste of Grouper the local fish for dinner – the boy is not too much of a fish eater, or so he says…

And that was day 1, we were in bed by 11:00 at the latest… we were in Del Boca Vista after all!

Tomorrow, (I promise) hanging out with Jungle Erv….


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