Hangin’ out with Jungle Erv

I logged in today to give a vacation recap – giving up on the idea of blogging each day of my vacation. I logged on and found most of this post already written that I had apparently completely forgotten about!!

Still no real vacation pictures because I still haven’t fond my camera cord… I should really start looking for it!

~ Enjoy!

Day Two:

Another beautiful day in sunny Florida, after much debate over how we should spend the day we hit the highway to venture south to the Everglades for an airboat tour with Jungle Erv.
After about an hour in the car we came upon the Everglades information booth, where we learned that Jungle Erv is not the only game in town – there were lots of airboat tour options, some promising to be the quietest, others the most comfortable, others the best value… but we came to see Erv, so we stuck with our choice.
The boy really enjoyed the information centre, especially the alligator heads they had on display and for sale… after much effort to convice me that one would look GREAT in our apartment, we left… without one.
10 more minutes in the car and a hard left, and we had arrived, Jungle Erv’s… let’s just say sketchy would be an understatement. But we did immediately see an alligator – I named him Fluffy, he lives beside Erv’s hut and I assume is fed to entertain the tourists. Next tour 1215.

We got in the boat and were slightly disappointed that our tour guide was not Erv in the flesh, but one of his croneys… Jim or Bob or something like that. I may not know his name, but I do know he had a few missing teeth, and looked like he grew up with the alligators, as the brochure had promised.

After going over a few rules like, you don’t have to wear the hearing protection, that’s your choice but I recommend you do, don’t get out of the boat, and don’t try and pet the alligators we were off.
The tour was pretty cool we learned some fun facts which I’m always a fan of:

1. There are 2.5 million alligators in Florida

2. The last person to die of an alligator attack was not killed by the alligator but by the infection from the bite 2 weeks later.

3. An alligator has no interest in you – unless you make yourself small and look like food.

4. Alligators are really lazy.

5. Alligators are really wonderful mothers for the first year, but after that they will eat their babies if they don’t leave the nest.

6. Alligators can’t chew they swallow everything hole, so they kill something and then hide it and wait for it to rot so they can pull away at the meat.

7. Raccoons are a favourite alligator meal

8. Jungle Erv is more afraid of the smaller ones because they are able to think about attacking you and then quickly act on it, where as big ones are slower in the whole process.

9. An alligator’s brain is the size of a walnut.

10. The only thing that eats alligators is humans and other alligators.

We saw 4 alligators, two big, one medium, one small. Jungle Erv got them to come out of the water by feeding them marshmallows… not sure why but my best guess is because they float – so they will come up and out of the water for them.

Following our hour long tour we went out for lunch where my dad was brave enough to try the local delicacy… you guessed deep fried alligator tail! We all tried some, tastes like chicken – but a little chewier.

Next stop – the Naples wool store – Knitting with Nancy. I had seen a wrap on the Anthropologie website and thought that’s beautiful but like I am going to pay $164 for something I can easily make for a fraction of the price, so mom and I told the men to find a beer and we went wool shopping. This would be one of the culprits to my delayed posts – sometimes I get wrapped up in something and have a hard time turning away and doing something else… I just want it done so I can wear it! It’s done now – and beautiful… and once I find that blasted camera cord I’ll take a picture and post it for you. I’m confident you’ll all be putting in orders and I’ll soon be charging you $164 for your very own…. but that’s another story.

After much time spent with Nancy, and too much money spent on wool… we were off again. The boy was glad to be home and was challenged to a game of beach volleyball – him against four. I wasn’t keeping score but I’m pretty sure our friend’s four year-old twins kicked some serious butt! Home for dinner – walnut encrusted Mahi-Mahi – the boy’s favourite meal of the whole trip, and another beautiful sunset!

Day Three… swimming with the dolphins.


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