Can’t sit… might as well shop!

Day Four

Well after the shenanigans of Day 3, I woke up and could have cried out in pain trying to sit up and get out of bed. I didn’t though, because there was a very guilt-ridden boy in my room who was still sleeping.

My dad was only in Florida for 10 days, and our Day 4 was his Day 10, and what he wanted to do on his last day was golf. So a tee-time was made for him and the boy to go and bond on the golf course, with my Godfather and his son-in-law… a boys day out if you will.

That left mom and I to hit the stores and do some damage.

First stop, The Best of Everything. A little gem in Bonita Springs filled with costume jewelery and small hostess gifts, or pashminas – most things are well under $20. On my list was to try and find a collection of silver necklaces as seen in stores like Banana Republic for $70. Lets be honest I work for a non-profit – I can’t justify $70 on a necklace… usually. This is where The Best of Everything comes in. I was able to put together 3 different silver necklaces – for $8 each. AWESOME!

I also found some Christmas gifts, which allowed me to justify the presents I bought for myself – one for you, one for me! I can’t say which ones – I can’t risk ruining surprises for my devoted followers – I’ve already said too much!

Second stop, Coconut Point this is a WONDERFUL experience for any shopper. This is one of the things I love about Florida – it’s nice there all the time so all of their malls are outside. If you’re from Toronto think Shoppes at Don Mills. You don’t feel guilty for wasting a beautiful day indoors – because you have to walk outside between stores. I think it’s brilliant.

We started at Dillards – and American department store that has a GREAT shoe selection. What I hadn’t bet on was the crazy sales… shoes for $39 – 59, leather boots for under $100. I don’t know about you but I cannot find shoes for these prices in Canada. And the selection – I’m sorry Bay, but when I walk into your shoe department I am hard pressed to find one pair that I like. Mom and I had at least a dozen choices to make. To give you an idea click here it will take you to the Dillards online shoe department where you will find 2433 records that match the search “shoe.” Try and compete with that HBC!

Well I restrained myself and came away with only 2 pair… one pair of boots and one pair of brown wedges. Both very practical. Mom came away with a pair of “cruise” sandals, and a pair of flats. And we couldn’t leave without a little something for the lady left at home with the dogs… your welcome Lisa. So with 5 pairs of shoes under arm we clearly had to make a quick trip back to the car.

Next stop lunch. Shoe shopping is exhausting – especially when you can’t move without wincing. California Pizza Kitchen. If you haven’t eaten their I recommend it on your next trip to the U.S. of A. It’s delicious, not greasy, great prices, and reasonable portions.

Walking through Coconut Point I was wishing we had more time but couldn’t leave without hitting the book store. So we made that our last stop. Mom said she was done with book shopping, because she had bought too many books already – but we still left with at least 5 more.

Off to pick up the men from the links. Turns out they had already hit the pool… and we picked them up just wrapping up an intense shuffle board tournament. The boy lost both games – he was not impressed at his defeat – but still had a great day.

Mom and I made sure to bring everything up before the boys came up – it may have required the aide of a shopping cart. But the boy still asked for shoe fashion show, and as I suspected was impressed with how few shoes I actually have in relation to how many I COULD have. I really restrained myself.

Off to Dad’s last supper before his flight out. He was flying out of Fort Myers International Airport which made our airport look even more like a portable in the middle of a field! It’s a small airport – but it has more than a dozen staff working there so it’s leaps and bounds beyond where we flew out of and into.

After we thanked Dad for an awesome trip so far, we ditched him and hit the hot tub to try and loosen up my side. Just to put into perspective how much pain I had, my mom was quite concerned that I may have fractured a rib.

Off to bed – tried to nurse the injury by sleeping with a lavender hot pack… had the boy reheat it after lying awake for an hour or so.

Good day


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