The Resolutions

Well, a new year a new decade even… while I’m never much for resolutions the boy and I have made a few. In an effort to make them stick longer than January 7, I thought I’d share them… then you can keep me honest.

1. Read more.

This is mostly for the boy… but I think it’s a good one to make regardless of how much I read now… I can always do with a little less TV and a little more reading.

2. Plan more meals/eat better.

The boy and I are pretty good eaters but in the last few months things have fallen off the hinges a bit. It was mostly because we went away – so the week before we left we didn’t eat great as we tried to empty the fridge and steer clear of the grocery store.

Then when we came back we did okay for a week or so, but then it was getting close to Christmas so the same theory applied “we shouldn’t buy too much since we won’t be here over the holidays.” Well the holidays are over and I feel gross… so that means more vegetables and more meal planning.

I’m off to a good start I picked 6 recipes for dinners this week. All of them serve at least 4 I made a grocery list based on that meal plan and our grocery bill was only $60! Perhaps resolution 2 can help out with resolution 3.

3. Spend less, save more.

Our change saving efforts have been going pretty well – well mine have since the boy doesn’t use cash unless he’s at a bar – and given that we live in Northern Ontario – trips out on the town are few and far between! So my change saving has been going well, and thanks to a Christmas bonus, not from the company I work for but from the bank of mom and dad – I am now credit card debt free! (Or I will be when I get paid on Thursday)

So since I’ve all but freed myself from the evil that is the credit card company I am determined to take advantage of the low interest rates that come with a recession and start tackling that wonderful thing I call debt.

Resolution 2 seems to be helping out with this so far – or maybe that’s just because the boy didn’t come grocery shopping with me this time… I stuck to the list.

4. Get mobile

This is one both the boy and I have resolved to do. He is going to try and play volleyball and I am going to try and swim… and Santa brought us a Wii – so if we’re only hanging out at home in front of the TV we’re going to try and be a little more active while we do it.

Besides the Wii, the boy bought me skates for Christmas. So after 7 years he is finally going to fulfill his promise to teach me how to skate. We have a rink that is flooded and well lit at night so our goal is to make this our regular winter activity. Now all we need is the -25 weather to ease up a bit and we’ll be off to the races… that’s not an excuse I swear!

5. Blog more

I was very excited to start my blog and the people that follow me tell me they love reading it… of course that’s mostly my mom… but nonetheless I’ll admit I have been seriously slacking lately, and there is NO WAY I’m going to get on Oprah as a world famous blogger at this rate.

So those are the resolutions. It’s January 4th and so far so good. I think I’ll make it until at least the 14th now!

Happy New Year!
The boy and I celebrating in style!

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