Let them eat cookies…

Well, you may have noticed the distinct lack of recipes in the last few days. A few reasons for that. The first, those 6 dinner recipes I shopped for – we’re still making it through them. Turns out making an actual dinner 6 times takes you much further than 1 week, especially when you spend a couple days at dear ol’ Mom and Dad’s. The second, there has been a little less marvelousness to report this week.

Monday night, after working, and then meeting with a friend for a much needed debrief and tea, I came home and the boy was ready and waiting with Chicken Souvlaki out of the Real Simple cookbook. It was delicious. The only substitution we had to suggest was using pitas instead of flatbread because the flatbread is simply too thick and not pliable enough – it breaks it’s messy and the innereds are quickly outereds and EVERYWHERE! But other than that… delightful! Plus I think things always taste a little better when someone else makes it! That’s what my mom says anyway.

Last night, D-U-D… DUD. I gave the boy a choice, both out of the Moosewood book – so both vegetarian: Pasta with zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes and beans OR Thai Red Curry. His answer, “I don’t know, whatever.” This seems to be a favourite phrase for him lately and I informed him I’ve had enough of it, but ended up picking one myself. I went with the first. Mistake #1. I picked it because it seemed simple enough, cook chunky pasta, fry some garlic, remove and cook 1 medium zucchini, add sun-dried tomatoes, beans, salt and pepper, and parsley, toss with pasta, add garlic back in. EAT!

Mistake #2: I blame Moosewood for this one, the ingredients list said 1 medium zucchini – so that’s what I got. Turns out when you read the whole sentence it says 1 medium zucchini, cut into matchsticks (about 3 1/4cups). My question is, where is Moosewood getting their “medium zucchinis?” I don’t think it’s from Loblaws in Northern Ontario, in the middle of winter. So instead we only had about 3/4 cups of zucchini… I’ll admit this may have added to the dudishness.
Mistake #3: I didn’t have parsley… so I used basil instead… they’re both fresh, and green it should count right? I guess not… dud.

The boy ate it, unhappy once again with the beans – but sucking it up all the same. I offered first that I thought it was a dud, and he quickly agreed. I saved some for lunch, hoping it might be better cold… I was right it was slightly better, but still nothing to write home about.

Solution?? Let them eat cookies. These are the days when I’m really glad to have dropped out cookies in the freezer… I made 12 we ate them all.

So not such a good day for the new No Sugar rule… but what else can you do when dinner’s a dud? Eat cookies was the only option I could find!


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