Mmmm cupcakes

I received a hilarious email from my sister this afternoon encouraging me to break my “trying not to eat a lot of sugar” rule (which is going terribly btw) and run out to Starbucks for their delicious cupcakes that they have pre and post Valentine’s Day. As I was reading, and laughing to myself in my office I thought “she should blog this.” But then I thought since her blog is strictly about teaching, and since she is terrible at blogging, I should steal her email and blog about it myself!

Then I went down the hall and told my colleague about the delicious cupcakes at Starbucks, and learned she has never had one! I thought, well I MUST blog about it now – they are so delicious I must spread the word and get more people obsessed with their deliciousness!

So I am here with this message… have you had a stressful day? Are you unsure if you’ll be able to make it over the hump and through the week? Do you love icing? Vanilla? Chocolate? Or perhaps red velvet is more your style? Head to Starbucks. I like a Chai Tea Latte, with Soy extra hot, no water, no foam. You’ll get to practice your decision making skills and you’ll get a delicious treat to boot!


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  1. Hmph! Terrible at blogging? Grrrr. Maybe if a certain sister would get my wordpress issue addressed I'd have my new blog up and running. But no, she took the pre-payment and ran. Soooooo typical!

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