Save Your Money

I counted down to this movie – then it got horrible reviews, and my sister and I couldn’t seem to find time to go and see it together. So I waited until this past Tuesday for it to come out on DVD. The boy and I were going to go to a cheap movie at Newmarket Silvercity – but the oscar cut-off is past so its back to only terrible movies in theatres. So we rented it, the first day it was available. Overall rating – I wish I had saved the $5.99 and watched an episode of Glee on DVD instead. Horrible.

The Time Traveller’s Wife. This is my review – read the book. The book is wonderful, it draws you in (granted the first 100 pages are a little dull) but past that you won’t be able to put it down. You’ll love the characters, you’ll wish you were married to Henry, or that you could time travel. If you’re like me and everyone I know that has read it, you’ll cry all through the last 100 pages even more than you did when Dumbledore died. It’s super fantastic and totally awesome. The movie… sucks.

I felt nothing for Henry or Claire – they came across as kind of cold, and like they don’t even like each other – more forced together by time and fate, rather than drawn together. The movie cuts out some HUGE parts of the book – and while I realize they can’t put in every detail the parts that were cut were those that made me really love both characters. Did it make me cry – a little, not on it’s own merrit but because it made me remember how good the book is and how terrible the movie was.

I was optimistic not for an Oscar winning performance – although that would have been nice, but for a great movie that I could watch over and over, everytime I am in the mood for a love story – or anytime I felt like rereading the book. I didn’t think those were unreasonable expectations. I guess I was expecting The Notebook.

I’ll give the movie credit for only one thing… it made me want to reread the book.

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