Reasons I’m not an Olympian

The boy and I are deeply engrossed in the 2010 Olympic Games. We’re among the many dedicated Canadians cheering on our country’s athletes, even making sure we were home in time last night to see Jenn Heil’s attempt to win Canada’s first Gold Medal at home.

I’m staying really positive even though Heil wasn’t able to get the gold I still think someone is going to be able to do it… I believe, I guess.

The boy has a little more doubt, he thinks there is WAY too much pressure on Canada’s Olympic team and that they’re going to buckle. He thinks Canadians across the country are in for a huge disappointment. Please don’t stone him if you see him – he’s just having a harder time “believing.”

Win or lose as we were watching the Women’s Freestyle last night, I came up with several reasons why I’m not an Olympian.

1. Lack of talent
Let’s just get this one out of the way right off the top. I do not have the raw natural talent required to become an Olympian. This is combined with a lack of coordination in general I’m pretty much screwed.

2. Lack of commitment
I am in complete awe of the commitment that Olympians have to their sport. The time and everything they have to give up to get the shot at a podium is insane to me. They commit the greater portion of their lives and in the case of Freestyle skiing, it’s all over in less than 30 seconds! I’m with Rick on this one. Amazing.

3. Lack of passion
This is something I’m struggling with in general, but finding something that you are SO passionate about that you don’t mind putting in the time and committing to it with every once of your being. I’m having a hard enough time finding a career that I can be passionate about, something that I can commit myself to fully and completely for about 40 hours a week!

4. Lack of ability to withstand the pressure.
Watching Heil’s race last night I felt physically nauseous. I was on the edge of my seat – I could barely watch, holding my breath, and I was sitting in my living room on my couch in Newmarket, Ontario – I cannot imagine how she did it. If it were me I would be sick before going down that hill. I always feel like I do my best under pressure – but I have never had the whole country holding their breath and waiting for me to perform, I’m fairly certain I could not handle that kind of pressure.

So I’ll take up the task of cheering all of the Canadians on. In my mind they are all champions just for getting there. I believe this is the year for Canada, but I refuse to contribute to the pressure – they’ve already accomplished way more in sport than I ever will.


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