I’m back

Well you may have noticed that the Twenties stopped roaring for about 2 months.  Sorry.  But in that time I have been busy setting up a blog for work, and I have fallen in love with WordPress.  So goodbye Blogger, hello WordPress! You’ll notice that I have a new theme but kept similar colours, I’m not completely sold on it so you might find some different looks until I settle on one in the next week or so.

So where have I been? Well, a lot has changed for me and the boy this winter.  We went from being twenty-something university young adults to twenty-something grown-ups.  We have been waiting and waiting for YEARS, like 7 of them, to be at the point where we were permanently living in the same city, in the same apartment no less.  This fall, when I started my blog, we had moved in together we were both overjoyed!

Then came the winter, and the adjustment period, and unemployment for the boy, and suddenly the thing we had both been waiting for got a LOT harder than we thought it was going to be.  Confusion.  How was this possible, that the thing we had been waiting for and planning on was not going as smoothly as we wanted?  Well, unemployment and the repercussions of unemployment didn’t help.  Being twenty-something in a town full of families, didn’t help. I mean, Newmarket we love you and everything, or we will when we have children and are in the “suburbanite years” but for where we are in life right now Newmarket was/is feeling really far from all the action.  Knowing only each other didn’t help, even when you have the love that we do, and we adore each other, we both really missed hanging out with other people – we never got the chance to miss each other and it kept us from really enjoying each other and laughing like we used to.

The Boy and IBut we got through it.  Spring came, my parents gave us their dog to give the boy someone to spend the day with. He has started working again and has started looking for a baseball team to play on, and some guys to hang out with.  I have started a book club – our first meeting is this week. And I’m back to blogging.

I know the point of a blog is to share the bad with the good, but when I was in the thick of it I didn’t know how to write it down for myself, let alone for the world to read.  But I have been re-inspired! I recently found a new blog to read, These Little Moments.

Molly is my virtual twin, (more on that in my next post) she is 27, loves shoes, chai tea lattes, her tall dark and handsome man, she’s 27, has recently become a red-head and has been blogging since 2006.  Her whole twenties are on her blog her ups and downs. I can’t help but think – how great would it be to be able to look back 3 years from now and see “what an exciting time” it has been. So I’m back.


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