First Round of the Season – Broke 90!

What a beautiful Easter weekend we’re having here in Southwestern Ontario.  After the boy worked on his parents farm yesterday, literally shoveling the sheep shit, and I spent the day blogging – today we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather, and play our first round of golf of the season.

Off we went to Cobble Hills Golf and Ski Hill – where despite the 20+ weather there is still snow on the ski hill, we set off to a round of 18 with the boy’s dad.  First hole a beauty shot, high in the air, and straight into the woods.  But after punching it out of there, I made friends with my driver, and 5 iron and things really started to come together.  After 9 I was happy with the long program, but my short program was going to hell – perhaps I need to spend more time playing mini-putt.

Then we hit 13, I told the boy the wind was making me nervous, it felt like the sky was going to open up into a complete downpour, only one thing was missing – rain clouds.  Overcast, but not rain clouds – I made a reference to Wizard of Oz, but both the boy and his Dad just looked at me like I was crazy – a common expression.

14, the boy and his Dad both hit their Drivers, on this par 5 500+ yard hole – their shots both went about 80 yards.  I hit from the ladies tee, and out drove them both! They hit again, they were disappointed and started talking about calling it a day – they weren’t hitting well. I hit again – another beauty! They called it a day.  Here’s my golf tip, well it’s not really a tip since it’s not like I don’t hit it high in the air on purpose, but I was able to keep my little ball moving by keeping it low to the ground.  Alas, I was pushed backward 4 steps so I guess it was time to call it a day.

In the end it was the perfect day of golf for me, I shot 87 on 13.5 holes.  A decent score for me and the perfect number of holes in my opinion – 14, 4 to warm up, and 10 good holes, call it a day!

Golf season is here, and it’s only the 3rd of April!

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  1. Found you! 🙂
    No, I’m not stalking, just seeing if you followed through on your goal….it’s a beautiful blog! Did Molly respond yet?

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