My Girlfriend Molly

Dear Molly,

Your blog was sent to me by a friend who has been following you casually for the last few months.  I started reading it and I think we may have been separated at birth. I started reading you regularly, I’ve read your favourite posts, and I’ve spent some time reading some random posts.

I nearly peed myself when I read about your strong stance that leggings are NOT pants – I couldn’t agree more! Message to the world – your bum is likely not as nice as you think it is.  Good for you that you have the confidence to wear leggings as pants, please put on some real pants and use that confidence to do good in the world.

Then my friend, who is now reading your blogs from the beginning, sent me a text to read your post dated November 5, 2008. It’s official, we are BFF without even knowing each other, your first song at your wedding, Dave Matthews Band, Steady as we Go.  The boy and I are not married, not even engaged, but the first time I heard this song I decided this would be our first song.  I love it.  It nearly brings me to tears every time I hear it. “When the road gets rocky girl, I will lift you up” Beautiful.

You love Chai Tea Lattes, your man is significantly taller than you, you have a love affair with shoes, you’re 27, you refer to Michael as “The Boy,” you adore your sister – though she is your younger sister and mine is my older sister, it seems you have a very similar relationship.

Your blog has evolved with you – I’m starting to read it from the beginning as well. And I love it.

I just wanted to introduce myself, and thank you for re-inspiring me to start blogging again… I can see my blog mirroring yours in so many ways even though I’m 4 years older than when you started, I’m twenty-something and so in a similar stage of life finished school, living with the boy, wondering each day “is this the day?” Wondering, is this the job? Is this the path? What does this mean for my future? Are these the shoes?

So thanks, maybe you’ll follow my blog, maybe you won’t. But I’m blogging again and that is partly thanks to you… so I thought you should know.



PS. I can’t wait for pictures of This Little Baby!


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