Book Club Review

Well the first meeting was last night, and for a small group of people that have never participated in a book club before, I think it went well.

There were only 4 of us, there was no interest in wine (we’ll have to try harder next time) but there was cheesecake (thanks again Laura!).  I think we were all a little nervous and really wanted to “book club” properly, so what Google told me to expect was actually misleading – there was a LOT of talk about the book.

It was a good book, and everyone agreed it was a great choice for a first book.  The subject matter was maybe a bit heavy for a first book, immediate post WWII, but we also all agreed the British wit kept it light.

Our first meeting got a grade of “B” (it’s important to keep room for improvement). But I think it gets an A for effort and for meeting my ultimate goal of starting this little endeavor and that was to make friends and have someone else to talk to other than the boy.

Next book:  Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert chosen for it’s potential for controversy. Excited!

Next meeting we may have as many as 7 and hopefully another delicious treat!


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