The Boy, The Dog and The Can of Pledge

Since my parents are moving, they have to sell their house.  Last week was the first week for showings so we had Denver, their 9-year old Malti-poo, that looks and acts like he’s still a puppy… with anxiety issues.

The boy and I are having the puppy debate, should we or shouldn’t we get one.  Pro – puppies are cute and we would get to squish his face. Con – they cost money and we are poor.  But last week I got some insight into the training that the boy will need if we are to train a dog.

Thursday I woke up late, and in my effort to catch the bus on time I took the dog outside but not for very long. There was a number 1 but no number 2 to report.  I left him in the apartment and went to work.  I got home to discover that Denver had left the boy a present in the form of number 2, all over the living room floor.

The boy was given a few clues when he came in the door, the first was the smell, the second was when Denver didn’t meet him at the door.  When he went into our room he found Denver on the bed curled into the smallest ball he could, we like to think if he could speak he would say “it wasn’t me!”

I apologized for my role in the whole thing, but had to ask – why was there a can of pledge sitting on the carpet.  He said, we didn’t have any carpet cleaner and of the cleaners we had (all purpose cleaner being one of the options) Pledge seemed like the best choice. I laughed and explained that should this happen again white vinegar and warm water was a good option, or checking this thing called “the internet” for “household cleaning solutions.”  He said, “okay.”

Friday morning, I woke up earlier and made sure to take Denver on a real walk where he successfully completed number 1 and number 2.  Dan came home and took Denver out right away, he did not produce anything – weird.  He had a shower and came out to the living room to find a little puddle of number 1.  Annoyed he cleaned it up and told Denver they were no longer friends.

I came home to find the roll of paper towel on the floor again and the smell of Pledge. I laughed at his listening skills and recleaned with vinegar and water.

Boys.  I think we have some training to do.


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