I feel this deserves its own special post.  Will Wheaton, you are my new enemy for splitting up Penny and Leonard!

For those of you that may not be in touch with one of the funniest shows on television Big Bang Theory through me for a loop tonight.  While I understand that it’s just a TV show, and the characters are not real, and they need to shake things up because everything going smoothly for the characters does not make for a funny show… blah blah blah COME ON!

Good thing the writers made up for it by finishing the episode with my favourite TV boys showing off their feminine side.

Seriously folks if you’re not already watching this show you should be.

Glee starts again tomorrow – I may or may not have been getting my inner Gleek ready by watching the trailer on repeat.  I figure this the universe balancing things out, it may be the prime time of the year for sports (hockey playoffs, baseball, and golf) but a girl’s gotta get hers.  T – 23 hours, I’ll give a review tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be AWESOME!


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