I know I’m behind the times, and the return of Glee is old news – sorry I was busy.

It is deserving of it’s own post though so here it is… I love Glee!

The first episode of the spring season was definitely a building episode, not too much drama, a bit boring but setting the scene for the next 9 to come… and I trust they won’t disappoint. Next week is the MUCH anticipated Madonna episode which my Gleek fan club tells me will include no less than 10 songs! AWESOME!

If you haven’t discovered your inner Gleek yet, one question – What are you waiting for? Boys out there this includes you.  My boy may or may not deny his inner Gleek, it depends on who asks him but deep down I assume he is as much in love with the musical dance routines as he is with Lea Michele, (have you seen the newest Rolling Stone magazine – enough said).

If the hot girls aren’t enough for you, Jane Lynch should do it, ”…I will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty cat. I will let you fall in love with that kitty cat. And then on some dark, cold night, I will steal away into your house…and punch you in the face.”  That’s pure comedy.  And the tip of the iceburg for how Sue Cs it.

All in all I’m so excited Glee is back – my week was thrown off without it, nothing to plan around! Madonna episode will air next week, Tuesday April 20, 9:30.


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