The much anticipated episode aired last night, that’s right fellow Gleeks – MADONNA! I was not disappointed, not only was it awesome but I have already downloaded the full Glee – The Power of Madonna album.  Woke up a little late this morning so it’s not on my iPod yet – but it will be and then watch out world I’ll be dancing in the Industrial Park Streets.

My Glee experience was a little tainted however, by a noise that had the power to ruin the whole episode for me. SNAP!

Boy – “did you hear that”

Me – having heard something but unable to identify what it was, and so fully prepared to ignore it and assume everything is fine, “What?”

Boy – “I think we caught another one”

Me – “A mouse? Gross!” – curling into a tighter ball on the couch in an effort to protect myself from said trapped mouse. “Go and check it”

Boy – “NO! I’m not checking it until it’s had some time to die.” – turns out he equally hates the mice, he’s just slightly less of a baby about it.

Glee returns.


Boy – Puts on shoes (?) to go over to the pantry to check on said noise.

Me – “Is there something there?”

Boy – “We’re going to need more traps” (neither of us want to touch anything so we just throw out the trap with the mouse.)

Me – “Gross”

Boy – “Email our landlord.”

So I did, and Steve will be over to handle our situation some time today – hurray.

Now the bigger question is why are they back?  Well, as it turns out this may be my fault.  The item that they got into and ate was a bag of dog treats that we have for when Denver pays us a visit.  Apparently I may have forgotten to seal it shut, and the mice may have had a field day and eaten the ENTIRE bag.  Snausages, not just for puppies apparently.

So the Boy deserves an extra thank you I guess, since not only did he dispose of the first mouse (the second  he left to fully die over night – torturous I know but they’re vermin and I have no sympathy – call PETA, I’m sorry they’re gross) but rumour has it, their presence is sort of, kind of my fault.

Live and learn I guess.  Notes for our puppy – get a sealed puppy container.

As for ruining Glee – I think it did for the Boy, but for me the episode was jam packed with TOO much singing to be overshadowed by one little mouse!

Photos from here and here


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