So it’s not hopeless??

Mom sent me an article today.  The first line was really encouraging “Hey, new grads, I’ve got some great news: We were just kidding – you’re NOT about to graduate into the worst global recession ever!”  See what I mean, encouraging!

The article from the Globe and Mail, Get a job, new grads.  Here’s how… stresses the importance of networking, not with your parents contacts, but making connections on your own.  Scary.  A year ago I was unemployed and had no idea how I was EVER going to find a job.  I did of course, I’ve been here nearly a year but as a twenty something I certainly haven’t landed in my “forever” job, and as is suggested by this article I never will.  I will have to constantly be networking and looking for my next career move. But how do I do that – no one taught me that at school.

Recently a friend suggested volunteering at a conference as a way to meet people in your field.  It doesn’t cost much  (general expenses, hotel if needed, etc. but not compared to the cost of actually attending)  and as a volunteer it is often your job to talk to people at the conference.  Great! So I googled and registered as a volunteer for the Canadian International Conference on Education, it’s not really in my field since I think a lot of it will focus on K-12, but the keynote is on e-learning so I thought it was worth a shot.  Unfortunately, there was some sort of volcano that erupted (?) so it has been postponed – a little inconsiderate of my networking plans but I guess “these things happen.”

The problem I’m finding is now that I have a better idea of what I want to do and where I want to do it, I have to revise my job search strategies of a year ago from, I’ll take anything, to I know what I want – now why can’t I find it.

Hmm… a real pickle.

Keep plugging away at it I guess is the answer, and share what I want to do with as many people as possible.

So to that end:

 I’m looking for something in the Private or Government sector, developing adult learning, employee training or otherwise, classroom or online courses for said business.  I have some experience working with/creating e-learning courses, but I’d like to work under someone that can mentor those skills instead of trying to figure it all out on my own.  Ideally I’d like to be in Toronto – but I’m flexible. I have my Masters of Education, some of which is in Adult Education.  I’d be willing and able to increase my formal study in Adult Ed, or in Online Learning but I can’t do that from my current position.

So spread the news to anyone you can think of.  In return you can post what you’re looking for and I’ll keep you in mind with whoever I can think of – us twenty somethings have to stick together!  I’ll also send you a thank you note, but just to be clear I would have done that on my own – even if the article didn’t tell me to.

Happy Career Searching Weekend!

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