This is why I don’t read SERIES!

Dear Suzanne Collins,

Could you be a doll and hurry up and finish already – I really don’t think I’m going to make it until August!  Thanks, that’d be great.



So my dear sister is a middle school English teacher, and she prides herself on her ability to find unique and engaging books for her kids.  If you have a young teenager, find her and she’ll surly give you about 100 books that they will enjoy.  She is determined to foster a love of reading and learning in all of her students.  It’s very admirable and everything – but this time it seems to be causing me some serious distress.

Over the winter when The Boy was going through books like water she brought us The Hunger Games.  It is a trilogy, and the first two books have been published, the third is set to be released this summer, August 24th to be more specific.  The Boy read them in about 4 days, he had little else to do at the time and because they are written for a younger audience, they can be quickly consumed.  Since my booklist was already full, I let them sit on my shelf for a couple months before picking up the first – at The Boy’s suggestion a little over a week ago.

Well, I’m just going to say it – The Hunger Games’ Katniss and Peeta are putting up a serious fight to dethrown Harry Potter’s Ron and Hermione (oh and Harry of course) as best series ever.  These books are AWESOME. There is just one problem… August 24, 2010 – that’s how long I have to wait to find out how it ends, I’m really not sure I’m going to make it!

I can’t even tell you too much about them – I don’t want to ruin anything for a potential reader, but here are the basics.  We destroyed North America, mayhem ensued and the result was 1 Capitol and 13 surrounding districts.  There was a rebellion and District 13 was destroyed to show the other Districts the ultimate power of the Capitol.  Just in case anyone happens to forget that the Capitol runs the show, it hosts the annual Hunger Games.  During the Hunger Games one boy and one girl (between the ages of 12-18) are chosen at random to fight in a controlled arena (like a national park) to the death.  It’s Survivor, but for realsies.  There is one victor – the rest of the children are either killed by their peers or by the elements in the arena.  Wait it gets better, the whole thing is filmed and aired on television as mandatory “entertainment” in all of the districts and in the Capitol.  And that’s all I can tell you.

Oh and this, read these books! They are SO awesome.

I’ve hand my nose burried in them for a week – unable to do anything else.  I’ve been dreaming about them for the last three nights, at times waking up in a cold sweat and scared that something has happened to my fictional characters.  I’ve got theories about how it is going to end, about the President, and about the districts. And I don’t know how I am going to stand not knowing what happens next for another 119 days!


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