If you build it… they will come

So I’ve become slightly obsessed with my blog stats –  it is my mission to be one of the featured bloggers on WordPress.  This can be in any form, fastest growing blog, freshly pressed, on the home page – it doesn’t matter to me, just something.

I thought I was on a role, reaching a high of 41 hits in a day and then I learned that oh, 25% of those are coming from my sister, who hadn’t subscribed but just regularly checked in, and my friend over at ahandmadestory – same deal.  Now they have subscribed and WordPress alerts them by email when I post – no need to check regularly, my stats are taking a hit.

So this morning, I asked myself – how do blogs gain popularity?  So I googled, “how to make your blog popular.”   Have I mentioned my love of Google – honestly what did we do before – talk to people? Boo.

Google gave me a couple of options, I obviously chose the first – 50 Ways to Make Your Blog Popular, and the second – How to Make Your Blog Popular  Blog often, even when you don’t have anything to say is the general synopsis.  Start a contest or a controversy, were a couple of the 50 Ways, as was buy ad space, or create a blogging get-together of your local followers (I only have 4 subscribers – so that’s going to be a bit of a dud party).

So I’m keeping some of them in mind – Celebrate your birthday on your blog.  Well, I have a birthday coming up – so maybe I can start here.

It’s still 10 days away but I did get my work birthday card yesterday, so I guess it’s been kicked off.  28 will be my last birthday in my childhood home… so that’s deserves a special celebration lasting a full 2 weeks at least, right? 

What do you think? (Tip – engage your followers by asking them questions) Should I recreate my first birthday in my house – with a chocolate cake face in a high chair in the backyard?  I vote yes, to the chocolate cake, perhaps no to the high chair.  I could recreate all of the birthdays I remember there – maybe paint murals on the back fence again or get a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake in the shape of a rainbow, with thick multicoloured icing? I think those were both from when I turned either 5 or 6. Or maybe a sleepover with the girls, Ace of Base and Joey Lawrence playing in the background (13)?

And how can I create a celebration on my blog – tell all of you to wish me a happy birthday here only? That’s kind of sad… although I would get a lot of comments!  It seems a little self-centred, although the whole point of a blog is that you think your life is interesting enough that people will want to read all about it.


1. If you build it they will come,

2. Engage your audience by asking them questions

3. Celebrate your birthday. 

That’s three of the 50.  Maybe this will help, or maybe I need to exercise a little patience – I’ve only been blogging here since the beginning of April after all.

 pictures from here and here


One response

  1. I think you should have those chocolate banana desserts that you make on the bbq…I think they’re called Banana Boats! They were the dessert at your mural on the fence birthday party…the rainbow cake (which was truly delicious) was a different bday.

    From what I’ve just re-read yesterday in getting ready for the big presentation if you read other blogs, comment and link their posts into your own posts you will create an audience community, which I can only assume will increase the size of your audience. So make blog friends and they will attract more friends.

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