Choose your own Adventure

Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books?  I was never very good at them, I would always read both options and then choose which one I liked better. Then if at some point I didn’t like how things were going, I’d try to work backwards to when I did like how things were going and start again.  I like to know all my options, and I like to work backwards and forwards through a problem – this really hasn’t changed.

But yesterday after I was sent to a video on You Tube from ahandmadestory, I found myself in a Choose Your Own Adventure situation… and it was bizarre.

I started with this Embrace Life video – it’s a public service video asking you wear your seat belt.

Then I was prompted to choose my next video – I ended up one that promised “Best Wedding Dance Ever”

I disagree that it is the “best ever” but it is funny at the end when he goes to hug her, and she turns and hugs her bridesmaid – so he awkwardly chooses someone else to hug.

Then I ended up with another choice to make… I was intrigued by Miley Cyrus Poll Dancing… but it turned out to be some teen boy’s home video comments on the alleged incident at the Teen Choice Awards… so I found the real video.

Then I sat back and thought how strange this all was. How did I start with a video on the importance of wearing your seat belt and end up with Miley Cyrus Poll Dancing? I no longer like this adventure.

So I gave it up and searched for Glee clips and learned that Quinn (aka Dianna Argon) and Rachael (aka Lea Michele) live together for real – T.V. enemies, real life besties? You Tube – you teach me weird things.


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