Multitasking with Podcasts

While I work in a non-profit, much of my job does not involve one-on-one client interaction, but rather a lot of desk and computer time.  To this end, I am one with my iPod.  I listen to it throughout most of the day, usually with some Glee or a random mix of old and new.  Other days I find myself in a country mood, or listening to some Dave Matthews or songs about love.  Playlist after playlist I typically go for days listening to the same one, before I get bored and pick a different one for a few days. 

Yesterday I forgot to take my iPod home with me, and experienced some mild separation anxiety, but more importantly came to work this morning to find that I only had 20% battery life because I hadn’t turned it off overnight.  On top of this while trying to choose a playlist I mistakenly pressed the more button and found myself looking at the Podcasts I had downloaded ages ago and have never listened to. 

I thought – well if I only have a morning’s worth of battery why not try listening to a podcast rather than music.  Hey, maybe I’ll even learn something. 

Turns out I have a new love of Podcasts! They are awesome! I know this probably isn’t news to a lot of people but it’s news to me, and it’s my blog – so there!

 I’ve  listened to the odd one when I was a subway commuter – and by odd one I obviously mean one, one time, long ago.  But now my commute is about 10 minutes so I don’t think of it.  But as I learned today it turns out I can actually attend to more than one thing at a time.  Who knew?  So this morning while working away I learned How to get ahead as an Introvert, Why the world revolves around me, The art of marketing yourself, and The effects of loneliness.  The last I didn’t get much out of because I don’t think of myself as a lonely person so I tuned out a lot of it, but the others I could actually carry on a conversation about what I learned – and it was only on in the background.  Huh!

I was listening to Alan Kearns of Career Joy, a Canadian Career Counsellor.  His podcasts are weekly with interviews mostly with authors or scholars whose books may or may not be job search related – although most of them have something to do with self-understanding which can only help on the job search front.

I’m heading home to broaden my podcast library.  If you have any suggestions about podcasts you listen to send them along – I’ve found a new obsession.

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  1. Meeg!
    Why didn’t you ask sooner? Here are my awesome suggestions: they aren’t as ‘educational’ but they are wonderful:
    Stuff you should know
    Stuff you missed in history class
    This American Life
    The Moth
    I have more but I’ll give you time to go through the years of these archives.

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