Adios Blogger: A final farewell

I have taken the plunge… I have completed my goal… I am officially transitioned. I am a WordPress blogger.

You can now find all of my blogger posts here at WordPress.  I’ve been putting off importing all of the old posts into my new blog mostly because I thought it was going to be a pain in the ass.  Turns out WordPress has it covered and I was able to simply press Import from the Tools menu – and I was away to the races.

The pictures are a little messed up/large and not wrapped by words, so that’s annoying and I’ll get on fixing that ASAP.  But otherwise feel free to take an extra long lunch today and catch up from the beginning!  Don’t worry – it’s only from October… and I was really bad at blogging consistently back in my Blogger days.

Thanks Blogger, it was fun – but I’m a WordPress girl now.

Secret Admirers

A little post to say thank you to all of the secret shout outs I’ve been getting the last week or so on this little blog of mine.  As it turns out it’s not just my Mom, my sister and the Boy that read my daily (week-daily that is) ramblings on being twenty-something.   It seems that there are people all over the place that are checking in to see what I have to say – it’s so humbling.

I have heard from friends from High School, friends from Elementary school and friends from University. 

One friend reads on her study breaks – so she can check in with what’s happening in the life of someone her age that isn’t up to her eyeballs in legal jargon. 

Friends that I would never have thought would read what I have to say, leave a comment here after something that I’ve written or have sent me little messages on Facebook to say they are loving my blog.  I’m always so shocked and beyond excited that they care enough not only to read it, but to let me know that I’m doing a good job.  Somehow it’s extra gratifying coming from people who don’t have to say nice things to you – they’re not your mom, or your boy… but they say them anyway.  I just wanted to say thanks.

And finally, a friend from University that this blog seems to be at once closing and creating distance between us.  She’s on the other side of the country now, so keeping in touch is more effort – she’s super excited that she keeps up to date with everything in my life.  Unfortunately she doesn’t have a blog – so I have no idea what’s going on with her!  The big things of course, she’s working, she’s leaving for a trip in a few days, but not the little things.  Not the random stories, or the things that are driving her crazy these days.  Still, it means a lot to me that she’s reading – it’s weird how it feels supportive from so far away and without actually talking to each other.

And then of course there’s the strangers.  The strangers make me feel famous.  Even though it’s only a few, whenever I get a stranger comment I announce it to everyone I know.  I got a stranger subscriber the other day – OMG it made my week.  Strangers are a special group of readers because they have absolutely no obligation to read, and no curiosity to read, to them I really am just another blog on  But they’re taking a chance on me – taking the time to read and/or comment on what I’ve had to say.  Does it make me narcissistic that I get so excited over strangers? For that matter, are bloggers in general just  a bunch of narcissists?  Hmm. Maybe.

Anyway, I just wanted to start the week by sending a shout out of gratitude to all of my secret readers.  You’re encouragement has really been awesome.  (Tip #9 – appreciate your readers) 

AND, (Tip #10 – pose a question and engage your readers) since I’ve switched to WordPress, I have loved all it has to offer – except one small thing, location of viewers is not an available stat as far as I can find.  So if  you’d like to come out of the woodwork and leave a comment to let me know where in the world you’re reading from, I’d be overjoyed to see just how far the word of Meaghan is influencing!  Maybe I don’t  need Oprah after all!

Happy Monday!

Classic Boy

Still from the long weekend… but this story deserved its own special post… I think women everywhere will agree with me.  This is classic.

We all know that boys like to complain that girls take too long to get ready.  “I take 10 minutes” they boast.  I pay little attention to these claims.  I really don’t care that you take 10 minutes.  Society puts a lot more pressure on me and my appearance than it does you.  Tell me how long it takes you once you require a 10 step make-up process before it’s suitable for you to leave the house.  Or grow your hair to your shoulders and let’s see how long it takes you to dry and style it.  Talk to me then.

Like most girls, I’ve got a work morning routine, a weekend morning routine, and a special occasion routine.  Needless to say the latter is the longest and most involved.   Since we were off to a  wedding – I thought I’d try to look nice.

So, I start getting ready first.  “You take longer” he says, “so you shower first.”   That’s true I do take longer, I will shower first.  No problem.  Once I’m done I grab all of my hair products and dryer and move to the bedroom to get ready.  Makes sense,  he needs to shower so I’ll do my hair while he’s occupying the bathroom.  Fine.  He comes to the bedroom pulls out his suit and asks me if the shirt he has worn to the last event needs to be ironed.  The answer is of course, Yes.  Grumbling – boy goes to iron his shirt.

Look at this bathroom... does this look like there's room for two?

Hair done. Bathroom should be defogged – move to the bathroom to do my makeup.   Looking at my dress I decide that since the iron is out and on, I should press my dress.  I leave it in the kitchen where the boy is ironing (please note that the Boy could have ironed my dress while he was ironing his shirt – I would have done it for him – but he didn’t, not malicious probably didn’t even occur to him… boys).  I proceed with makeup.  I am at about step 5 when I turn back to the mirror and the Boy has swooped in and is doing his hair in the bathroom mirror.  I ask myself, “Do you require perfect lighting for this task?”  But I figure he’s just putting the goop in washing his hands and he’ll be out of my way in a few seconds.  Nope.  He proceeds to play and mold his hair while I am standing there, concealer in hand.  After about 5 minutes, I say – “Can you do this somewhere else – there are other mirrors you know.”  He looks at me slightly affronted, and leaves.

Step 10, mascara wand in hand.  We’re at the home stretch.  In swoops the boy – apparently, it’s time to brush his teeth.  Now.  This cannot wait 45 seconds.  It must be done now.  I wait.  I make some remark about why this can’t wait said 45 seconds.  He claims there’s lots of room for me.  There’s not.

Makeup done.  I iron my dress.  Get dressed, pack my purse, put on my shoes, grab my extra shoes for when I can no longer feel my feet,  and just when I’m thinking I’m going to get a “Wow” from the Boy when I go out to show him what the last hour has created… he comes in and gives me the look, “Are you ready yet?”

I lose it.  “I would have been ready about 10 minutes ago if you’d just stay out of my way.  It takes girls longer.  Cry.  I’d say I’m worth the wait.”

Boy – “Yes, worth the wait. *kiss on the forehead* Are you ready yet?”

Me – “Yes”*

*Thinking – Bah! Boys… and also – “I’m totally blogging about this”

I is for Introvert… the long weekend continues

Do you know what sucks about getting older… you lose the ability to sleep in no matter what time you’ve gone to bed.  I’m not quite at the point of getting out of bed at 7 no matter what the day of the week, but I wake up without my alarm – WIDE AWAKE!  I am still able to force myself to go back to sleep for a couple hours, but by 9am it starts to be a losing battle.

Sunday, the Boy had planned a golf date with some other boys.  I was not invited, but instead given the task of feeding them upon their arrival.  At one point my thoughts were to stay home and be oober prepared for the week and make some not for boys food, but when my sister called and asked if I’d like to join her and my mom on a girls date – I reconsidered my options.  Before I left for the day though, I managed to chef up, a marinade for 3 pork tenderloin, a bowl of homemade Tzatziki, and all of the parts of potato salad, including homemade mayonnaise.  I did the dishes and put everything in the fridge.  The boy, who had a tee-off of 1:10pm claimed he felt bad for ditching me with the task of cleaning the apartment.  I say claimed because when he was ready to go and just waiting for his boys to pick him up I said, “You could clean the bathroom while you’re waiting.”  He promptly went to the living room and started practicing his putting.  I said, “I wasn’t kidding!”  A car pulls up.  “Oh, I can’t someone’s here.”  Convenient.

The boys golfed and the girls shopped! Well, not too much we went for specific things and I restrained myself to window shopping – very impressive.  We headed to The Shops at Don Mills and had lunch at Rose Reisman’s new restaurant Glow.  Quick review, food was good, all of us had salads both my sister and I found our dressings a bit sweet, but otherwise good.  Decor, lovely.  We sat outside to enjoy the beautiful day – the patio furniture is soft chairs and couches… lovely.  The service… horrible.  Simply awful.  My mom has since sent a strongly worded letter to the comments email address on the website.  It was that bad.  Bad enough to come home, find the website, and write a letter.  In short, there was a ton of staff – but no one seemed to be doing anything.  Certainly not getting us water, or getting our bill and letting us pay.  Hopefully they’ll heed the criticism and they’ll improve and be successful – but as of now… not good.

We also made a quick stop at my favourite store Anthropologie.  I repeat, I did not buy anything. Impressive.

Boys bonding over Loaded Questions… “get loaded ask questions”

Sister and I came home to my apartment and were quickly met by four starving boys.  We cooked, we drank, we played Loaded Questions, we had a great night.  Highlights – we have another friend getting married! We’re unfortunately not invited – they’re only inviting immediate family so we didn’t make the cut.  They have been dating for about 6 months and they’re getting married this fall.  I think it’s awesome.  When you know, you know.  Congratulations guys  – I’m so excited for you. Unfortunately I’ve “known” for coming up on 8 years… still nothin’.  But I appreciate all of our friends getting married – maybe it will put some pressure on! HA!

Monday. The holiday. The day that makes it a long weekend.  This is why I is for Introvert.  Both the Boy and I had a great time with all of the activities and excitement of the weekend.  But all of this social time was exhausting.  We are introverts.  We need down time, with books, or televised sports, or movies depending on which one of us you’re talking to.  The weekend was exhausting, and we could not have gone to work on Monday after such a busy weekend.  I would have been tearing my hair out and grumpy by Wednesday for sure.  The boy concurs… I would have been grumpy.

We are currently planning our next long weekend – in August.  We’re thinking a trip to Ottawa… and we’re thinking leave Friday and come home Sunday so we can have down time on Monday.  It’s super important to us to have time to chill out.  We both agree that this is one of the reasons we get along so well.  We love our friends.  We love having people over and feeding the masses.  But we require time alone.  Or at least alone together.  Saying nothing.  Doing nothing. I is for Introvert.

Introvert with a capital I…

What a weekend. Just in case I have any International followers – this past weekend we Canadians celebrated Victoria Day with beautiful weather (30 Celsius) and good friends.  It was an AWESOME weekend, super busy… but it confirmed for the Boy and I that we are Introverts with capital I’s.

We kicked off our long weekend with a sushi date and finally got in to see Iron Man 2.  A short review  (because there is SO much to talk about with a long weekend) I liked it, the Boy not so much.  My review may have to do with my boyfriend Robert Downey Jr., but the Boy did appreciate the addition of his girlfriend Scarlet Johanson and still didn’t really like it, so I don’t know.  It is very similar to the first one, (which is why the Boy didn’t like it) and I thought the similarities between the villan in Spiderman 2 and the villan in this movie was pretty funny – not really all that similar mainly just the arms as weapons.  But as a franchise pretty good.  I was confused as to why Don Cheatle was now Iron Man’s bff and not Terrence Howard – but I googled when we got home and all was cleared up…. money issues.  All in all, a good date.

The weather was touch and go but they made it through the day without rain!

Saturday, we kicked off the day with a trip to our neighbourhood Farmer’s Market.  The Farmer’s Market is the new highlight of living in suburbia.  The Boy missed it last year, and was a bit disappointed by the size, selection and prices.  But I assured him it gets better as the summer progresses – we live in Northern Ontario, there’s just not that much available right now.

After a race around the grocery store and a quick trip to Bed Bath and Beyond where I picked up a wedding gift we cleaned up and got ready for said wedding.  A coworker/friend of mine was tying the knot at 3pm at Pheasant Run Golf Course… projected forecast – rain.  We got there in plenty of time (we nearly missed the last wedding we went to – well the Boy did miss it I only made it after tucking and rolling out of the car and sprinting toward the chapel), and it looked like the rain was going to hold off. They say it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day but I’d say it’s better luck if they’re calling for rain and the sun comes out while you’re getting married.  The ceremony was outside, and aside from a lot of wind it was perfect weather.

Look at this girl! Stunning! I can't say it enough.

I need to mention the bride for a brief moment.  One word. Stunning.  Miss M and I work in a non-profit that supports financially vulnerable women.  So there is somewhat of an effort to not create barriers between ourselves and our clients through our dress.  We don’t look homeless or anything but there is an effort to not make women feel uncomfortable.  Miss M is a pretty 25-year-old who is about 15 minutes late for work everyday.  In her mad dash out the door in the morning she doesn’t make time for makeup, and she hates wearing her contacts.  So when she walked down the isle professionally made up, hair perfectly in position, and sans glasses – well… stunning was the only word for it.  She looked absolutely gorgeous.

Now here’s the problem when you tell someone they look stunning and beautiful and gorgeous on their wedding day… does that imply they don’t look good every other day?  Well, yes and no.  While she is a beautiful girl, she does not look like a model everyday. I trust that look took at least an hour in a salon to create, if she were to do it everyday 15 minutes would surely become 90 minutes and someone might start to notice at that point!

I'd say we clean up well. Here you go mom full length promesque picture. Strangers should note that I have like 4" heels on... the Boy is tall.

Review of the wedding: it’s funny how little you actually see the people you’re there to celebrate on a wedding day.  I didn’t really talk to Miss M too much – a bit, but not a lot.  This was probably exaggerated by her constant changes in attire.  Miss M’s new husband is Indian, so while she got married in the white dress, she changed into a beautiful sari for dinner, (equally stunning) and back to the white dress for dancing.  It made for a lot of waiting around for Miss M to make an appearance!  Who we did spend time with was my other coworker/friend and her manfriend.  It’s amazing how different people are outside of work… it’s like they’re real people.  In our line of work the stress can be quite high, so to see people truly relaxed and enjoying themselves is a rare occasion.  The boy and Miss Fs manfriend made fast friends and we all had a really great time!

In short, I love weddings because they give the Boy and I an opportunity to dress up and go dancing.  We agreed that our own wedding will be super fun – now all we have to do is wait for 2020 to get here.

Turns out this long weekend was too long to do all in one post… so I will cut it here and get to the meat of the title tomorrow.

Also if you’re checking this in the morning – check back tonight and I’ll add pictures – they’re still trapped on my camera which does little good to anyone.

BTW–  Holy Moly it’s hot outside.

Pictures from ME!

Where does the time go?

Oh Facebook, what did we do before you? Talk to people? Boo.

This morning I came to work, checked my all of email accounts and checked my Facebook.  On my Facebook home page is a status update from a friend from High School that her and her manfriend are celebrating their 10th anniversary.  OMG that’s a long time, and I feel old. 

I went to send a message and thought I could add a little note about something that seems central to our lives now – that did not exist 10 years ago.  So I Googled, and came across a WHOLE list of 50 things we didn’t have in the year 2000. 

So my friend has inadvertently inspired my post.  I’ll give you some highlights, but you can find the whole article 50 ways life has changed in the last 10 years.

Things I do/use daily that apparently I couldn’t have 10 years ago:

CAMERAS: Remember those trips to get film developed? Nope? Even your grandmother has a digital camera, and she’s probably emailing you photos right now or uploading them to a photo-sharing site.

Your grandmother may be able to email and upload her photos – but mine cannot.  She does still have a digital camera, but like many of us all of her pictures are safely stored on her camera… to be seen by no one. 

FACEBOOK: Can you believe this social networking site was once limited only to Harvard students? Now it’s a time-sucking obsession for more than 300 million users globally and a whole new form of social etiquette: Who to friend on Facebook?

Without Facebook – I wouldn’t have thought of this post.  And then where would be?  Wandering aimlessly through the world –  that’s where.

GOING GREEN: From the kind of light bulbs we use to the kind of shopping bags we carry to the cars we drive, “going green” took hold this decade. Now, it’s not strange to hear a school kid tell a parent to use a cloth grocery bag.

Going green also means that if you forget your bags when off to the grocery store – you feel like you are single-handedly killing our planet.  So you buy another green bag… I don’t think the Boy and I are the only ones that are feeling overrun by our green bags.

GOOGLE: This was the decade that Google became a part of our brain function. You know that guy who was in that movie – when was it? Just Google it.

I ask people on a pretty regular basis what people did before Google… I for one would really be lost without it.

IPODS: An icon of the digital age, it’s hard to believe this portable media player was first launched in 2001. Six years later the 100 millionth iPod was sold.

Again something that I seriously can’t live without.  I get to listen to music constantly and of course my podcasts!  Way to be Steve Jobs.

ORGANIC: Americans rushed to fill their grocery carts with organic food, making it big business – now a $21-billion industry, up from $3.6 billion in 1997. At decade’s end, Michelle Obama planted the first White House organic vegetable garden.

I know people say organic is all a lie.  Alls I know is I can’t eat regular bananas without my throat closing up… but I can eat Organic without an issue.  So there.

STARBUCKS: It’s a cliché that there’s one on every block, but sometimes it seemed like it – and millions now consider it normal to spend $4 or so on a coffee drink in the morning, perhaps a venti half-caf half-decaf vanilla latte with an extra shot.

Everytime I go to Starbucks it makes me think of Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail.  “The whole purpose of places like Starbucks is for people with no decision-making ability whatsoever to make six decisions just to buy one cup of coffee. Short, tall, light, dark, caf, decaf, low-fat, non-fat, etc. So people who don’t know what the hell they’re doing or who on earth they are can, for only $2.95, get not just a cup of coffee but an absolutely defining sense of self: Tall. Decaf. Cappuccino.”

$2.95 must be American 1998 prices – because my Grande Chai Tea Latte with Soy, Extra Hot, No Water, No Foam is $5.14 or $4.64 with my registered Starbucks card.

WIKIPEDIA: A boon to lazy students everywhere, the open-source encyclopedia used the masses to police its entries and keep them (mostly) (sometimes) accurate.

I don’t use Wikipedia daily, and I do refrain from saying “that’s what Wikipedia tells me.”   But I do like that you can look up any date and find out fun  facts about this day in history.

Example: May 20th, 1940 the first prisoners arrive at a new concentration camp at Auschwitz

May 20th, 1980 60% of Quebec voters vote No in Referendum for separate from Canada 

and last but certainly not least…

BLOG: I blog, you blog, he blogs … How did we spend our time before blogging? There are more than 100 million of these web logs out there in cyberspace.

I don’t know what I did before my blog.  Kept my opinions to myself I guess.  Boring!

Happy Anniversary Facebook Friend!

Pictures from here, here, here, here

It’s the little things

Do you know who I love?  The Boy.  He is awesome. I know I make fun of his hi-jinks here a lot – it’s all with love.  He’s super fantastic.

My Northern Ontario peeps and fellow May babies Kristyn and John

What brought this declaration of love on you ask?  I went out for Birthday drinks last night with my two friends from High School (who are now Mr. and Mrs.) we’re all May babies so we thought we’d celebrate.  It was supposed to be four of us, the Boy included, but he is now playing fastball and couldn’t make it.  So we had a party of three.  I was a bit disappointed that he couldn’t come, but understood that he would like half an hour to sit down before going to his game.  So I ventured out alone.  We had a good time, but boy May baby requested that we plan our next date around The Boy’s schedule so he would have a man friend to hang out with.  I guess he was feeling the table was a little unbalanced.

If this isn't love - I don't know what is

Anyway, we met at 7 so the Boy and I had just finished dinner and I had to go… when I left the kitchen was in a state of disaster.  I knew the Boy was leaving shortly after me, which is why I was SO pleasantly surprised when I came home to find all of the dishes done and the kitchen spotless.  Wow! What a sweet gesture.

So what did I do? I cleaned our bedroom.  I cleaned up my piles of books that seem to be EVERYWHERE all of a sudden.

And I cleaned up my beside table – that was stacked with no less than 5 books, 1 magazine, 1 glass of water, 1 lamp, 1 bottle of moisturizer, 2 hair ties, 1 necklace, 3 random pieces of paper and 2 kleenex (the Boy had started referring to it as my Jenga table).  I folded and put away clothes, I cleaned off the crap (largely my crap) all over our dresser, I didn’t make the bed since I was about to get in it, but otherwise the mess that has been driving the Boy crazy was gone.

It's been a while since I've seen this table top!

He came home.   He didn’t really notice.  I thanked him for doing the dishes, I asked if he noticed what I did.

Boy looks around the Living Room  – “I don’t know”

Me – “Not in here”

Boy – “I don’t know.  Did you clean the bedroom?”

Me – “Yes!”

Boy – “Cool.”

Apparently it did not register with the boy that I had done it as a nice gesture for him – in gratitude for his nice gesture to me, that he probably didn’t do to be nice, but simply because it had to be done.  So I thought I’d blog about it and let him know that I really appreciated the dishes  and that it’s okay that he didn’t really appreciate that I cleaned up the our bedroom.  It’s cool… and our house is clean so that’s awesome.

*Just to make sure he doesn’t respond to this with “You make it sound like I never do the dishes,” and this post inadvertently starts a hypothetical fight… the Boy does do the dishes – I simply wasn’t expecting it last night.

As promised documentation of the clean fridge - figures when where we keep the food is cleaned out... the Boy notices! 🙂

AHHH! Toe Cramp

Well, I must be doing something right with my eating… the toe cramps are back.

Toe cramps, for those that have not had the pleasure, are quite possibly one of the most painful things ever.  I mean I haven’t given birth, so I don’t know… but I’m pretty sure they’re both vying for first place in MOST painful natural experience ever.

What’s with the toe cramps? Well, for me it’s lack of calcium.  As part of my “trying to eat according to ‘the list,'” I have been trying not to eat/drink milk, which means cheese, milk, ice cream etc.  Turns out I must have been doing pretty well because – TOE CRAMP while cleaning the fridge.

I massaged my foot, took two calcium supplements, finished cleaning the fridge and started cleaning the freezer by eating the rest of the ice cream.  Jumping off the band wagon.

Back on today, smoothie breakfast, adding the calcium supplements back into my daily regimen and I may have to say “Nut free Enviroment” at work be damned – I need to bring some nuts for snacks.  I’ll just promise not to share… and wash my hands.

I have to charge my camera battery  so I can take a picture of my clean fridge… I didn’t make it to the “cleaning the rest of the apartment” part of my list, or the recipes, or the meals, or the grocery list.  Okay, maybe it was a bit much to take on for one night.  Glee was on afterall.

Picture from here


The boy is out making friends and playing fastball tonight – awesome!  That leaves me all alone in my apartment – cool with me. I need to clean my apartment.  I don’t want to.

It’s not dirty, it’s messy…. it’s my mess…. it’s driving me crazy… but I don’t want to. I have been trying to eat a bit closer to my very extensive “do not eat list” lately, but in order to do that a bit better I need to plan some meals.  In order to do that I need to choose some recipes and go grocery shopping.  In order to do that I need to collect my  cookbooks from all around the house.  If I’m going to do that I should clean while I go… and also clean the fridge, I really need to clean the fridge.  I don’t want to.

Here’s the thing though, I LOVE a clean house.  It’s AWESOME! I’m messy – so it doesn’t stay this way, much to the boy’s dismay (he’s a bit of a neat freak).  And I LOVE a clean and organized fridge.  I just don’t want to do it.

So I’m procrastinating.  I’m watching Idol – I haven’t watched it all season.  It has brought a few questions to mind.

  1. Why are the songs so short – and if they are so short why does Idol always run late and push back my fave – GLEE
  2. Is it me, or does Lee look like a skinny Jonah Hill?
  3. Why does Ellen look so normal on her show, but so OLD on Idol?  Me thinks someone is a morning person – holy bags batman!
  4. Why is Miley Cirus (American) co-hosting the Much Music Video Awards (Canadian)?
  5. Who is this blond kid? Casey? He’s my least favourite.  He reminds me of Chad Kroeger… I hate Nickelback.  I was part of the “Can get this pickle get more fans than Nickelback” it did.
  6. Why is Casey ruining John Mayer’s Daughters for me… I hate you Casey – I vote you off my island.  How do these judges like him?

This is too brutal.  But I will thank you Casey for getting me off the couch and cleaning my fridge.

Movie Review – Brothers

The Boy and I were going to see Iron Man 2 Saturday night.  We bought tickets and went into the theatre to find seats only available in the first 2 rows… so we left.  This is the second time we’ve done this recently.  Movie prices are so ridiculous that we refuse to pay and then have crappy seats.  So we got our refund and went off to Blockbuster – yes I think we are Blockbuster’s last loyal customers.

The boy was thinking Action movie – since that’s what we had set out to watch.  I had really wanted to see Brothers… I won.  I thought it would be a compromise Action but with a plot.  Turns out it is the saddest and most upsetting movie ever.  But really well done and I highly recommend it.

Now, before you run out and rent it on my recommendation (as I can only assume you would) I should mention that I am fully aware that you may not like it… at all.  This may be one of those movies where I saw my worst fears played out on-screen and that’s why I found it so well done.

In September 2008 the Boy’s “heterosexual life mate” (read Boy’s version of BFF) left us for his tour in Afghanistan.  I spent the next 7 months on the edge of my seat… holding my breath when I read names of fallen soldiers in the paper – not even looking for his name, (because that was simply unimaginable) but for others that might be in his platoon – anyone from London, or based out of Petawawa. I wrote letters (I actually sent  him the most out of anyone), and I curled up into as small a ball as possible every time Don Cherry talked about any soldier Canada had lost on Hockey Night in Canada.  While I was confident that I would see my friend again – the odds were good, and the alternative was unthinkable, I was really worried about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Really worried.

I can happily report back that my Canadian soldier was about as safe as anyone in that situation could be.  His platoon did have one IED (improvised explosive device) go off while they were shipping supplies – but no one was hurt and he had actually been taking pictures at the time and captured the instant on film.  The first question I asked him when he got back was “are you going back?”  His answer was “No, not unless I really really need the money.”  I’ll take it.

In the movie however, things do not go so smoothly for Toby McGuire – who plays this character really well in my humble opinion.  All I could think through the whole thing was how lucky my friend is.  Which is actually how he described his experience overseas shortly after returning – it’s all dumb luck. 

You may not agree with the politics – I certainly don’t.  But watch this movie and support our troops – they’re just doing their jobs, and how many times did someone try to kill you at work today?