A glimpse into the future?

No Barenaked Ladies, no baseball, instead Date Night… a happy medium that turned out to be AWESOME!!

Tina Fey – will you marry me? You are hilarious.  Steve Carell – I think you are a great plan maker.  Seriously this movie is the funniest I’ve seen in a long time.

The only thing that worried me… is this a glimpse into my future? Sure, we won’t live in New Jersey – we live in Newmarket similarly, “just 20 minutes out of the city.” Same lies! We’re not married and we don’t have 2 kids, but we do have Date Night. I seriously look forward to Sushi night, and now that I have a new idea for people watching, sushi night could get a lot more exciting.

So it could be a glimpse… the Boy could join my book club, our babysitter might screw us out of too much money.  But it’s unlikely that we will find ourselves in a case of mistaken identity, since the Boy is far too by the book to ever consider taking someone else’s reservation.  It’s just against the rules.

If it is a glimpse, I think I need to make a point of buying this movie  (once it comes out on previously viewed $5 DVD) so that I can be reminded to laugh at myself, and remember that sometimes I need to let the Boy make the plan…  although if you ask him, he might say that I already need to be reminded of that.


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