Lost in Podcasts

I’ve learned so many things this week.  Shout out to Kate for giving me a bunch of podcast suggestions.  Thanks Kate! (Tip 7 – acknowledge your followers, give shout outs)

I’ve listened to both random and intriguing topics over the last couple of days.  I’m developing a small addiction to/crush on Josh and Chuck from Stuff You Should Know, as they lecture me on a whole range of topics from How McDonald’s Works (revolutionary because of their application of the assembly line to the fast food business) to How Tourette’s Work (there’s more to it than just random cursing – shocking I know!)  to Are there people who don’t feel pain (they are rare, but it can happen – and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be). 

Today I also listened to a selection of TED Talks from various TED Conferences (Ted stands for Technology, Education, and Design).  These talks included one from Clinton, who feels personally responsible for the genocide in Rwanda (I thought, “Yeah, I guess Clinton would have some serious guilt about this,” and I’ve never really thought about that before). 

So I’m here to report that if you were inspired by my podcast post last week – check the comments and you’ll see the list that Kate suggested, and to that I’ll add TED Talks.  And if you do, you’ll be a follower… and as I learned today – the world needs followers. 

Below you’ll find a TED talk on what it takes to make a movement – the short answer, it takes at least two people, and it’s more intimidating to be the first follower than the leader of a movement.  A leader is a lone nut – but to be the first one to follow a nut… that takes guts.  So be a follower – become a subscriber to my blog (Tip 8 plug your subscriptions), and download some podcasts, you just might learn something! 



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