It’s all hypothetical…

Here’s a question loyal followers… when is it okay to blog about things, and when is it not?

Hypothetically speaking, when is it okay for me to blog about the crazy things my Boy does, and when is it instigating an argument?  For example what if we’re in a fight.  OR, more interestingly, what if  I’m in a fight and patiently waiting for an apology and I’m pretty sure he is clueless that I’m waiting for said apology.  We don’t fight generally so neither one of us are terribly good at it.  And this daily/regular blogging thing is new to me too – so the combination finds me in quite the predicament… or it would, if we were in this fight, which we’re not – because this is all hypothetical.

Hypothetically speaking, can I blog about what we’re/I’m fighting about? Do I set the stage? Would it be okay to mention that we went golfing last night and got caught behind slow pokes (it was ladies night after all) and the Boy lost his mind, and stormed off the course at the 5th hole… for example.  If he had a hissy fit, a temper tantrum similar to that of a 2-year-old, can I blog about that or is that going too far?  Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Can I mention that it was his idea to go golfing.  That he doesn’t seem to understand that 9 holes takes 2 hours no matter how you slice it, or should I leave that part out?  Should I be fair and say that he is generally very patient when new golfers are golfing with him, just not in front of him.  Should I mention that when it’s me that is taking 12 shots to get the stupid ball in the hole, he tells me to take my time – to simply keep up to the group in front, and not worry about the group behind us.  Or that it confuses me why he can’t just enjoy the time outside, and not worry about the amount of time that it is taking.  Or is this a conversation I should just have with him, and not my blog… if it were a real event that is.

Or should I mention that I enjoy golfing because it’s something we do together. I like the time we spend together outside, and it really doesn’t matter to me if it takes 2 hours or 4 hours – it’s still fun for me – it’s really not about the golf.  Should I explain that that’s why I want an apology, not because he lost his mind at other people, but because it’s not fun to spend time with someone with a BADitude, and that storming off to the car 300 yards in front of me is just rude – I wasn’t the one that ruined “the flow of your game.”  (Those are hypothetical quotes of course).  Or should I just leave it alone.

What do you think?  I want to be prepared so when it’s not a hypothetical fight and we’re/I’m in one for real I know how to handle the balance between awesome blog material (6′ 8″ boy throwing 2-year-old tantrum… that’s just funny no matter what the circumstance) and the real world rules of “fighting fair.”  I know how to handle things if it were a serious argument over some moral issue – blog about it of course! But if it’s a stupid “fight” over nothing really, would I just be stirring the pot by writing it down? Or helping him to prevent this melt-down in the future by highlighting how ridiculous he’s being/was/will have been. (I’m confused.)

All I know that should this event have actually happened, and should it happen so close to my Birthday, there are multiple ways an apology could be handled.

1. Apology now, extra big birthday present on Friday

2. Apology now, with flowers when I get home and normally big birthday present on Friday

3. Apology now, with flowers delivered to work on Friday, followed by big birthday present on Friday.

The Boy also claims to be a “guy’s guy” not a “romantic guy” (like they are mutually exclusive or something) so I just figured I’d help him out with options of how to proceed… if this weren’t a hypothetical situation… which it is… of course.

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  1. If that were to happen in our house, I’d just give him the silent treatment until he apologized with flowers and a hugh birthday gift. I really hope he doesn’t have the same type of tantrums that he had as a two year old.

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