Friends again… hypothetically

Fear not loyal followers.  The Boy and I are friends again… or we would be if there had been an event, which there wasn’t – since it was all hypothetical.

I went home last night to face the response to my post – would the boy be mad that I had created this hypothetical situation to feed my blog? Would he find it funny? Would he have the out-of-body experience I was hoping for seeing himself have said temper-tantrum and realize how ridiculous he was being? Hypothetically.

Well, he wasn’t home. So I checked his email – I have since learned that this is considered in some circles as “an invasion of privacy”  I disagree, since I only check his email to see if he’s read my emails  (since he’s a subscriber (you could be too!) he gets my posts hand delivered to his Inbox).  I was only checking to see if he had already read it, or if I was going to get to witness as he read my hypothetical situation.  He had read it, or at least opened it – and why would you open it and not read it? I deduced he’d read it.

Boy comes home.  We talk about the rain – he had been waiting for me at my bus stop so I wouldn’t have to walk home in the rain (sweet!).  It starts:

I ask – “Are we’re still friends?

Boy –  “I guess, why?”

Me – “Haven’t you read my blog yet?”

Boy –  “No.”  

Me –  “Oh, nevermind.” 

Boy –  “You read my email didn’t you!”

Me –  “Noooo.” 

Boy – “Yes you did, I did that on purpose because I knew you would check it.  That’s an invasion of privacy!”

Me – (Oh, shoot! Foiled again!) “That’s not an invasion of privacy, I only check to see if you’ve read stuff from me – I never open anything!”

Boy – “It doesn’t matter… blah blah blah – you’re terrible”

Me – (Getting down to business) “Well sorry for “invading your privacy” (insert sarcasm sign here)you still owe me an apology.”

Boy – “Fine, I’m sorry for loosing my temper, and walking away from you, but I wasn’t mad at the people in front of us, I was mad at the starter (like this is the real point of contention).  And I didn’t have a temper tantrum.”  (I can only assume he meant hypothetically)

Me – “You said ‘I should just sell my clubs so I am not tempted to golf ever again'”

Boy – “Fine that was a bit of an overreaction.”

Me – “Apology accepted” (Hypothetically of course)

So we are friends again, and we made a plan to avoid such hypothetical fights in the future. We’re going to plan our golfing nights a little better – and not start golfing at 6:30 when we’re already hungry and grumpy is just a few short holes away.

Live and learn. Hypothetically of course.

Picture from here – plus a shout out to CBS for your awesome show.


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