They say it’s your birthday…

Happy Birthday To Me!

I’m 28 today, and I’ve been thinking about some goals for the year… you know like my own “New Year’s Resolutions” since my January ones have clearly gone to the dogs.

  1. My doctor told me recently that I need to make myself an exercise program.  Something that I like to do, that I will commit to, that I will eventually feel lost without.  Apparently if I don’t create this love affair with exercise now, when I have children I will never make the time and I’ll become morbidly obese (that may have been my addition, but you get the idea).  So I’m committing in writing to seriously getting on board with this plan… I don’t know what I like to do, which is a small problem, but only an obstacle to be overcome. I’m taking suggestions – so if you’ve got some bring it.
  2. I would like this to be the year I get a puppy.  There has been a great puppy debate in my apartment lately.  Both the Boy and I would like one, but we’re both hesitant that it might not be the right time, ie. are we too poor to get a puppy.  So in order to get a puppy I need to a. win the lottery, or b. gain access to more income in some other way – see the career search post. So that’s kind of two goals – but if the puppy somehow happened without the increase in income, I’d be okay with that too.
  3. Continue blogging regularly.  I’d say I’ve done pretty well since April, so I just need to keep it up.  I know I’ve mentioned my goal of being featured on Freshly Pressed, but that’s not really why I’ve started blogging… well, it’s not the whole reason.  I like to write, it’s something that I miss about being in school.  Writing is one of those things that I’m pretty sure if you don’t use it you lose it… I don’t want to lose it so I need to keep writing.  Who knows, maybe I will be featured on Freshly Pressed, and maybe Oprah will come calling.
  4. Pay down some debt and build a savings account.  This may seem like something I should have been doing long before 28, but I’ve been in school a long time… so I haven’t really.  No day like today, right? I am officially credit card debt free these days, so my goal is to keep it that way and “Save [my] money” as the guy in the suit says.  You never know what I’m going to need it for…
  5. I have a couple of other goals for this year, but they require someone else to get the ball rolling… so I don’t think its fair to write them here.  But someone else knows what they are, and I’m confident someone else is working on it.

That’s it. I’m spending the day at work (boo!) doing a small arts and crafts project (yeah!), followed by my last birthday in my childhood home (tears).  I’ve been promised a delicious meal, and of course cake.  I’ll spend the evening with my favourite family, and my favourite boy, and that’s super cool if you ask me.  Saturday, I’m Happy Mother’s Daying early with a Ladies Day Out with my Mom and Sister, all in all I think I’m in for a great Birthday weekend.

Happy Birthday Friday!

Pictures from ME!


3 responses

  1. Happy Birthday!! I think you should look into starting up an adult t-ball league…you’ll kill two birds with one stone – regular exercise and a small addition to your income if you get enough participants to warrant paying yourself a little with their registration fees! Brilliant idea, I know 😉

    • Oh Thanks! That is a pretty good idea… I may have to build a high enough Tee (?) T (?) Tea (?)… whatever. The boy says this picture indicates Dad’s poor hand-eye coordination skills – since he has clearly missed a ball that is straight over the plate.
      Will you be registering for this t-ball league?

  2. Happy 28th Birthday Meaghan. Hope you have a wonderful birthday in you childhood home. T-Ball sounds like fun. I’d like to join in if I were closer!!!

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