Weekend Update

Monday… I loathe you.

Weekend, you are awesome! So, to give you an update – Friday I had my last birthday in my house.  It was not sad, although if you were a fly on the wall watching my mom you might beg to differ.  There were presants and a DELICIOUS meal, champagne, but no puppy.  Alas Earwax.

I was in a state of excited shock for a while when I saw my brother carry in something that I didn’t think I was supposed to see… a puppy crate.  Turns out he was cleaning out his house and figured that the next person to get a puppy would be my MOM, so he brought it home.  Brutal.  I told my mom this and she said “it really never even occurred to me to get you a puppy for your birthday.” Apparently I need to drop bigger hints next year.

The boy’s birthday is in a month – maybe he’ll get a puppy for his birthday – or maybe not. 

More important than my birthday (few things are in this category) was the second part of our champagne toast on Friday.  Last week my mom celebrated a significant anniversary… 10 years cancer free!  WOOHOO MOM!  Mom was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2000, and she had her surgery May 5th 2000 – anacdotally  the date of my prom, I have lovely prom pictures in the hospital.  For those who are not so familiar with the cancer world – Ovarian is a really really  crappy kind to get, since there are essentially no symptoms and the screening for it is really poor generally women are not diagnosed until they are in a stage 4 (of 4).  Mom was super lucky and caught hers really early, and was only at a stage 1.  Regardless, 10 years free and clear is a GOOD thing – and I’m looking forward to spending many Happy Mother’s Days, and Birthdays with her for MANY years to come.  Hurray for Mom!

Back to me.  The boy did very well with the birthday surprises, no flowers, no golf hat, but a leather jacket and a surprise at my Saturday night birthday party – friends of ours came in from London (Ontario) to spend the evening with me.  Merriment was had by all.

Highlights of the weekend – bra shopping with Mom and Sister at Melmira – a lovely store in Toronto – professional fitters and TONS of selection for ALL sizes.  Playing Loaded Questions at my party, a hilarious board game that involves inappropriate anwers, wonderfully inappropriate that is.

My mom ditched me for Mother’s Day, so we celebrated her awesomeness on Saturday and Sunday we took a road trip to Cambridge for an early-bird special with the Boy’s Mom, Dad and Grandma.  Best line of the evening – Grandma after we gave her a hanging basket of Begonias, “Thank you, I love them – but DON’T DO THIS AGAIN NEXT YEAR.  It’s just not necessary.”  Oh Grandma – you’re funny.


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