Love songs for lovers

My friend over at ahandmadestory is just days away from her wedding.  Today I went into her office and found her with her head on her desk… meltdown.  Turns out she’s planned and planned and planned – but is feeling like she hasn’t left herself enough time to do everything.  So she’s made a to-do list that is currently 50 items long.  Needless to say she’s feeling a little overwhelmed.

Luckily she knows me and as she regularly informs me, I am a “fixer” so I tried to figure out what we could get done in a limited amount of time.  It needed to be something that she could make quick decisions about if only someone would give her some options.  So I returned to my office grabbed my iPod and started coming up with options – Item #47, choosing music for intros, cake cutting and last song. 

Her advice to me – write down your songs now, make the decisions you can make before you are planning anything as soon as possible.  I think this is mostly her “I’m getting married in 11 days” panic.

Nonetheless, here is my top 10 love songs to be used at any point on any day, but I think would be particularly nice at a wedding.  In no particular order… (Tip – Readers like lists)

  1. Dave Matthews Band – Steady as we go
  2. Blue Rodeo – Lost Together
  3. U2 – Sometimes you can’t make it (on your own)
  4. The Beatles – In My Life
  5. The Beatles – All You Need is Love
  6. Kris Allen or Garth Brooks – To Make You Feel my Love
  7. Reba McEntire and Justin Timberlake – The Only Promise that Remains
  8. The Pretenders – I’ll Stand By You
  9. Ben Folds – The Luckiest
  10. Michael Buble – Everything

As I’m typing this I’ve found it very difficult to keep it just to ten… I guess that’s why I have a Love playlist. 

(Tip – Engage your readers) Let me know what your favourites are.  Sister I know I’ve forgotten some of yours so comment away.

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7 responses

    • Terry I didn’t know you read my blog! I’m honoured! Good addition, BTW.

      I was going to send you a message re: this post actually. Do you remember your “Terry’s Slow Mix” from approximately 7-8 years ago… there was a song on there that I think the story was it was played at a wedding you went to with Courtney? Or, I might have made that part up. Either way, it’s very sweet but I have never been able to figure out who sings it or the title – I call it “Wedding Song” by Terry It starts “tonight it’s only you and me/ Picasso watches from behind the Christmas tree,/ so content on what he sees/ he cracks a smile to Anne Gede” It’s very plinky plunky music…. perhaps I should have asked you this 7-8 years ago… I kept forgetting! XOXO

      • Do you still have the song somewhere? Cause those lyrics are made up I’m pretty sure. And what does plinky plunky mean?

      • I can’t believe you would think I would just make up lyrics. I would do no such thing! I’ll send it to you. And plinky plunky is… you know plinky plunky… it’s a type of music, as a music enthusiast I would think you would know this technical term. Plinky on the guitar plunky on the piano… or something like that. Quiet… soothing… yoga-esque… plinky plunky. If I keep writing it does that help?

  1. 10 love songs and not a single Sade? I see some conflict when it comes to us choosing our wedding songs.*

    *We’re getting married, deal with it.

    • You’re reading my blog too! Wow! I guess wordpress was right – give people lists and they come out of the woodwork.

      I’m open to negotiation and suggestion, but you should know in the end it’s all about me.

      Deal with it.

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