Movie Review – Brothers

The Boy and I were going to see Iron Man 2 Saturday night.  We bought tickets and went into the theatre to find seats only available in the first 2 rows… so we left.  This is the second time we’ve done this recently.  Movie prices are so ridiculous that we refuse to pay and then have crappy seats.  So we got our refund and went off to Blockbuster – yes I think we are Blockbuster’s last loyal customers.

The boy was thinking Action movie – since that’s what we had set out to watch.  I had really wanted to see Brothers… I won.  I thought it would be a compromise Action but with a plot.  Turns out it is the saddest and most upsetting movie ever.  But really well done and I highly recommend it.

Now, before you run out and rent it on my recommendation (as I can only assume you would) I should mention that I am fully aware that you may not like it… at all.  This may be one of those movies where I saw my worst fears played out on-screen and that’s why I found it so well done.

In September 2008 the Boy’s “heterosexual life mate” (read Boy’s version of BFF) left us for his tour in Afghanistan.  I spent the next 7 months on the edge of my seat… holding my breath when I read names of fallen soldiers in the paper – not even looking for his name, (because that was simply unimaginable) but for others that might be in his platoon – anyone from London, or based out of Petawawa. I wrote letters (I actually sent  him the most out of anyone), and I curled up into as small a ball as possible every time Don Cherry talked about any soldier Canada had lost on Hockey Night in Canada.  While I was confident that I would see my friend again – the odds were good, and the alternative was unthinkable, I was really worried about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Really worried.

I can happily report back that my Canadian soldier was about as safe as anyone in that situation could be.  His platoon did have one IED (improvised explosive device) go off while they were shipping supplies – but no one was hurt and he had actually been taking pictures at the time and captured the instant on film.  The first question I asked him when he got back was “are you going back?”  His answer was “No, not unless I really really need the money.”  I’ll take it.

In the movie however, things do not go so smoothly for Toby McGuire – who plays this character really well in my humble opinion.  All I could think through the whole thing was how lucky my friend is.  Which is actually how he described his experience overseas shortly after returning – it’s all dumb luck. 

You may not agree with the politics – I certainly don’t.  But watch this movie and support our troops – they’re just doing their jobs, and how many times did someone try to kill you at work today?


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