AHHH! Toe Cramp

Well, I must be doing something right with my eating… the toe cramps are back.

Toe cramps, for those that have not had the pleasure, are quite possibly one of the most painful things ever.  I mean I haven’t given birth, so I don’t know… but I’m pretty sure they’re both vying for first place in MOST painful natural experience ever.

What’s with the toe cramps? Well, for me it’s lack of calcium.  As part of my “trying to eat according to ‘the list,'” I have been trying not to eat/drink milk, which means cheese, milk, ice cream etc.  Turns out I must have been doing pretty well because – TOE CRAMP while cleaning the fridge.

I massaged my foot, took two calcium supplements, finished cleaning the fridge and started cleaning the freezer by eating the rest of the ice cream.  Jumping off the band wagon.

Back on today, smoothie breakfast, adding the calcium supplements back into my daily regimen and I may have to say “Nut free Enviroment” at work be damned – I need to bring some nuts for snacks.  I’ll just promise not to share… and wash my hands.

I have to charge my camera battery  so I can take a picture of my clean fridge… I didn’t make it to the “cleaning the rest of the apartment” part of my list, or the recipes, or the meals, or the grocery list.  Okay, maybe it was a bit much to take on for one night.  Glee was on afterall.

Picture from here


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