It’s the little things

Do you know who I love?  The Boy.  He is awesome. I know I make fun of his hi-jinks here a lot – it’s all with love.  He’s super fantastic.

My Northern Ontario peeps and fellow May babies Kristyn and John

What brought this declaration of love on you ask?  I went out for Birthday drinks last night with my two friends from High School (who are now Mr. and Mrs.) we’re all May babies so we thought we’d celebrate.  It was supposed to be four of us, the Boy included, but he is now playing fastball and couldn’t make it.  So we had a party of three.  I was a bit disappointed that he couldn’t come, but understood that he would like half an hour to sit down before going to his game.  So I ventured out alone.  We had a good time, but boy May baby requested that we plan our next date around The Boy’s schedule so he would have a man friend to hang out with.  I guess he was feeling the table was a little unbalanced.

If this isn't love - I don't know what is

Anyway, we met at 7 so the Boy and I had just finished dinner and I had to go… when I left the kitchen was in a state of disaster.  I knew the Boy was leaving shortly after me, which is why I was SO pleasantly surprised when I came home to find all of the dishes done and the kitchen spotless.  Wow! What a sweet gesture.

So what did I do? I cleaned our bedroom.  I cleaned up my piles of books that seem to be EVERYWHERE all of a sudden.

And I cleaned up my beside table – that was stacked with no less than 5 books, 1 magazine, 1 glass of water, 1 lamp, 1 bottle of moisturizer, 2 hair ties, 1 necklace, 3 random pieces of paper and 2 kleenex (the Boy had started referring to it as my Jenga table).  I folded and put away clothes, I cleaned off the crap (largely my crap) all over our dresser, I didn’t make the bed since I was about to get in it, but otherwise the mess that has been driving the Boy crazy was gone.

It's been a while since I've seen this table top!

He came home.   He didn’t really notice.  I thanked him for doing the dishes, I asked if he noticed what I did.

Boy looks around the Living Room  – “I don’t know”

Me – “Not in here”

Boy – “I don’t know.  Did you clean the bedroom?”

Me – “Yes!”

Boy – “Cool.”

Apparently it did not register with the boy that I had done it as a nice gesture for him – in gratitude for his nice gesture to me, that he probably didn’t do to be nice, but simply because it had to be done.  So I thought I’d blog about it and let him know that I really appreciated the dishes  and that it’s okay that he didn’t really appreciate that I cleaned up the our bedroom.  It’s cool… and our house is clean so that’s awesome.

*Just to make sure he doesn’t respond to this with “You make it sound like I never do the dishes,” and this post inadvertently starts a hypothetical fight… the Boy does do the dishes – I simply wasn’t expecting it last night.

As promised documentation of the clean fridge - figures when where we keep the food is cleaned out... the Boy notices! 🙂


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