Introvert with a capital I…

What a weekend. Just in case I have any International followers – this past weekend we Canadians celebrated Victoria Day with beautiful weather (30 Celsius) and good friends.  It was an AWESOME weekend, super busy… but it confirmed for the Boy and I that we are Introverts with capital I’s.

We kicked off our long weekend with a sushi date and finally got in to see Iron Man 2.  A short review  (because there is SO much to talk about with a long weekend) I liked it, the Boy not so much.  My review may have to do with my boyfriend Robert Downey Jr., but the Boy did appreciate the addition of his girlfriend Scarlet Johanson and still didn’t really like it, so I don’t know.  It is very similar to the first one, (which is why the Boy didn’t like it) and I thought the similarities between the villan in Spiderman 2 and the villan in this movie was pretty funny – not really all that similar mainly just the arms as weapons.  But as a franchise pretty good.  I was confused as to why Don Cheatle was now Iron Man’s bff and not Terrence Howard – but I googled when we got home and all was cleared up…. money issues.  All in all, a good date.

The weather was touch and go but they made it through the day without rain!

Saturday, we kicked off the day with a trip to our neighbourhood Farmer’s Market.  The Farmer’s Market is the new highlight of living in suburbia.  The Boy missed it last year, and was a bit disappointed by the size, selection and prices.  But I assured him it gets better as the summer progresses – we live in Northern Ontario, there’s just not that much available right now.

After a race around the grocery store and a quick trip to Bed Bath and Beyond where I picked up a wedding gift we cleaned up and got ready for said wedding.  A coworker/friend of mine was tying the knot at 3pm at Pheasant Run Golf Course… projected forecast – rain.  We got there in plenty of time (we nearly missed the last wedding we went to – well the Boy did miss it I only made it after tucking and rolling out of the car and sprinting toward the chapel), and it looked like the rain was going to hold off. They say it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day but I’d say it’s better luck if they’re calling for rain and the sun comes out while you’re getting married.  The ceremony was outside, and aside from a lot of wind it was perfect weather.

Look at this girl! Stunning! I can't say it enough.

I need to mention the bride for a brief moment.  One word. Stunning.  Miss M and I work in a non-profit that supports financially vulnerable women.  So there is somewhat of an effort to not create barriers between ourselves and our clients through our dress.  We don’t look homeless or anything but there is an effort to not make women feel uncomfortable.  Miss M is a pretty 25-year-old who is about 15 minutes late for work everyday.  In her mad dash out the door in the morning she doesn’t make time for makeup, and she hates wearing her contacts.  So when she walked down the isle professionally made up, hair perfectly in position, and sans glasses – well… stunning was the only word for it.  She looked absolutely gorgeous.

Now here’s the problem when you tell someone they look stunning and beautiful and gorgeous on their wedding day… does that imply they don’t look good every other day?  Well, yes and no.  While she is a beautiful girl, she does not look like a model everyday. I trust that look took at least an hour in a salon to create, if she were to do it everyday 15 minutes would surely become 90 minutes and someone might start to notice at that point!

I'd say we clean up well. Here you go mom full length promesque picture. Strangers should note that I have like 4" heels on... the Boy is tall.

Review of the wedding: it’s funny how little you actually see the people you’re there to celebrate on a wedding day.  I didn’t really talk to Miss M too much – a bit, but not a lot.  This was probably exaggerated by her constant changes in attire.  Miss M’s new husband is Indian, so while she got married in the white dress, she changed into a beautiful sari for dinner, (equally stunning) and back to the white dress for dancing.  It made for a lot of waiting around for Miss M to make an appearance!  Who we did spend time with was my other coworker/friend and her manfriend.  It’s amazing how different people are outside of work… it’s like they’re real people.  In our line of work the stress can be quite high, so to see people truly relaxed and enjoying themselves is a rare occasion.  The boy and Miss Fs manfriend made fast friends and we all had a really great time!

In short, I love weddings because they give the Boy and I an opportunity to dress up and go dancing.  We agreed that our own wedding will be super fun – now all we have to do is wait for 2020 to get here.

Turns out this long weekend was too long to do all in one post… so I will cut it here and get to the meat of the title tomorrow.

Also if you’re checking this in the morning – check back tonight and I’ll add pictures – they’re still trapped on my camera which does little good to anyone.

BTW–  Holy Moly it’s hot outside.

Pictures from ME!


2 responses

  1. Hi Miss M and the Boy (Tall boy that is). I have finally introduced myself to this blog world. Wow, this is pretty exciting. I guess I have to make sure I spell things right here because I will be edited.

    The wedding was amazing and yes I am pretty fun outside of work. My man friend and I had a fabulous time with you and the Boy. You both rock!! So now we plan on meeting outside of work I hope. Volleyball it is or just a walk in the park, whatever works for me and Mr. L. Plus, I realize that is not about us, it is about the boys getting together to show off their man-skills. They bonded so well, so much like we did when I first met you Miss. M. You are the coolest redhead work friend that I know. We are known as work friends outside of work (WFOW)..Cool runnings man!!

    • Thanks for the visit Miss Moelee!

      Yes we definitely need to get these men together on a play date.

      Your next step – start your own blog and so I can stalk you!


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