Adios Blogger: A final farewell

I have taken the plunge… I have completed my goal… I am officially transitioned. I am a WordPress blogger.

You can now find all of my blogger posts here at WordPress.  I’ve been putting off importing all of the old posts into my new blog mostly because I thought it was going to be a pain in the ass.  Turns out WordPress has it covered and I was able to simply press Import from the Tools menu – and I was away to the races.

The pictures are a little messed up/large and not wrapped by words, so that’s annoying and I’ll get on fixing that ASAP.  But otherwise feel free to take an extra long lunch today and catch up from the beginning!  Don’t worry – it’s only from October… and I was really bad at blogging consistently back in my Blogger days.

Thanks Blogger, it was fun – but I’m a WordPress girl now.


3 responses

  1. wordpress is the only way to go if you’re a serious blogger 😉 I was stalking your blog before the stalker post you wrote… hehe. I feel connected to home when I read it-

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