This is why we need a puppy… and an iPhone

"Is that a light on that camera?"

The Boy and I were at our weekly trip to my parents on Sunday for laundry, dinner and to plant our roof-top garden.  It was a beautiful day – 31C and nothing but sun.

As we were planting away, Denver was very keen on helping.  That was until the light had changed in the backyard and he could start his daily exercise… chasing the light’s reflection off the back door across the yard.  My dad opens and closes the door slowly and Denver chases the reflection as it travels back and forth, forth and back across the backyard.  Have I mentioned how smart he is?  We’re never really sure who has more fun at this game  – the dog, or the dad.

One of these days he might just catch it

I know what you’re thinking – “Aww, what a cute puppy thing to do… they’re so funny when they’re young and they chase things.”  Denver is 9.  That is 63 in dog years.  He is no longer a puppy.  He will not grow out of this.

12 inches of dog… 9 inches of tongue… where does he store it?

They played this game for about 10-15 minutes in the 30+ weather.  Denver then gave us a new image to relate to dog tired.  “What’s that in his mouth” you ask?  It’s his tongue.  I’ve never seen it that big before.

You would think he’d go straight for the water dish… or just pass out in the shade.  Neither.  He sat and waited for the light to come back.

That is until my Dad started to fill the water dish.  This is his second favourite outdoor activity.  He likes to bite the water.  What can I say?  He has aggression issues.

First he starts by digging in the water

Now if we had a puppy we could be entertained by such antics on a daily instead of weekly basis. And if I had an iPhone – you would be able to fully appreciate the hilarity of this animal.  I’d post it on YouTube, it would be showcased on Ellen, fame would follow shortly.  Alas, these still shots will have to do, although they hard;y do him justice.  If the hose is higher he’ll jump up and bite at it.

Then he gets his face right in there to bite the water.

He better get this out of his system now… no backyard in the new house!


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