Don’t judge me Rogers

So my sister calls me yesterday to let me know her cell phone completely died on her.  She was forced to buy an iPhone.  She talked to Bell, Telus and then back to Rogers.  If you’re in Canada and you are thinking about an iPhone, I’ll save you some research – they’re all the same.  All three of them will charge you the same amount.  All the contracts are the same.

My sister and I used to live together and so we are a family according to Rogers.  We are on a family contract – locked in together.  Forever.  Or at least until October – or so we thought.  I’m still not quite sure what she was told about our family plan – but I do know that she got  a new phone last night, and my phone plan changed… apparently for the better – although we’ll see.  In the process of updating my phone plan my sister had to explain to Mr. Rogers that I don’t use my cell phone.  What a foreign concept this seemed to be – and for it I was judged. 

I use my cell phone as a cell phone.  It is for people to reach me when I am not at home.  Or for me to use when I am driving and end up dead in a ditch.  Or for me to use when the Boy and I travel to London where we live as nomads, visiting around to different friends’ houses – call my cell phone and you can find us.  A year ago I was using my cell phone as my long distance plan.   I had Rogers my5 and I registered 5 people including my friend that lives in Edmonton and the Boy who was living in London.  With my5 I could talk to them all I wanted for free.  And since I talked to the Boy nightly – it was worth the money.

Now I live with the Boy, and I have a land line, with a long-distance plan included.  So I cancelled the my5 and started using my cell phone sparingly. Rogers apparently does not understand this concept.  So when my sister and Mr. Rogers were trying to set up “extras” for me – they had a hard time.  “Maybe we could give her free unlimited texting?  Oh.  Wait.  She only sent 5 text messages last month.  She probably doesn’t need that.” Hmm… tricky. “Maybe we could give her free early calling.  Oh. Wait.  She really doesn’t use this phone – it doesn’t seem to matter what time it is.” Hmm… they landed on giving me my5 again.  “Maybe she can find 5 people to call regularly.”  Since I’m pretty sure it’s Local my5 – and Newmarket is long distance to the rest of civilization – I think this is unlikely.

So here’s the predicament.  I have a cell phone.  I have a plan.  I pay the bill.  I don’t use the phone.  But I won’t give it up.  What if I am dead in a ditch? Someone should know.  What if I’m going to be late (a frequent occurence)? Someone should know.  What if the Boy wants me to pick something up on the way home? I should know – (even though he refuses to get a cell phone and when I use this as a reason why he should have a cell phone – he doesn’t see it as necessary).  What if we want to order sushi for take out on our way home from the golf course? I should be able to do that.

Rogers has locked me into the convenience of a cell phone – it feels necessary that I have one, even if I don’t use it.  Very sneaky.

As per yesterday’s post – I would like an iPhone.  But I really don’t need an iPhone.  As much as Steve Jobs and the late Ted Rogers want me to have one… so far – I really don’t need an iPhone.  Where things get complicated – if I had an iPhone I think I would use the features of an iPhone… but now that I don’t have an iPhone – I don’t need an iPhone.  Seems complicated but it’s really just like in the days before I had a cell phone – I didn’t need a cell phone, so I didn’t have a cell phone.  I eventually needed a cell phone – because I was living alone, and then without a landline, so I got a cell phone.  Now I don’t need a cell phone – but I can’t get rid of my cell phone.

So here I sit.  Waiting for the weekend to start.  A weekend we’re going to London – so I’ll definitely use my cell phone… and when I do I’ll probably be thinking – “I really do need an iPhone.”

Happy weekend.


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    • I know you do Jules – your adorable videos of your children are one of the reasons that I want the iPhone… somehow I don’t think my videos would be as cute… unless I get a puppy.

  1. Shoutout!
    And also, if you barely use your cell phone (like me) Rogers has a secret plan they only tell you about if you threaten to leave. It’s $13 a month for people who use it basically for emergencies and a few calls.

    • That is a sneaky plan… I’ll have to try and get that. I somehow took over my mom’s account when sister and I got our family plan – anyway according to them I’ve been with Rogers since 1992! That’s right – the first of the 10 year olds with cell phones. I figure it must get me some sort of decent plan if I threaten them.

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