Things I learned this weekend

Happy Monday everyone – stay tuned this week for pictures of my growing (and slightly drowning) rooftop garden.  The boy and I are going to be self-sustaining in no time! Lettuce for everyone!

For now, a few things I learned this weekend.

  1. Golfing with girls is so much more relaxing.  This is not to say that I don’t enjoy golfing with the Boy – I do, please see It’s All Hypothetical to find the many reasons why.  But golfing with girls is way less frustrating.  I felt like a much better golfer when I’d shoot a 7 an a par 4 and my sister would say “just give me 105.”   It’s not even that I was a better golfer than the either of the ladies – I shot the worst in fact.  But comparing my 117 to a 110 or a 113 feels much better than comparing it to the Boy’s 82!
  2. Soccer is crazy expensive and time-consuming.  I thought that soccer was the organized sport of choice for parents who didn’t want the time and financial committment of hockey.  Apparently no more.  The Boy and I decided – no organized sports… only reading for our 2025 children.
  3. 14 year-old boys stink.  This was wonderful news shared with me by my aunt.  She can’t figure out why, but apparently they do.  This led the Boy and I to revamp our decision of point #2 – our 2025 children must be girls… reading girls.
  4. If you’ve had a wound for almost 2 weeks and it’s still not looking terribly healed, and is still really sore… call the Doctor that gave you said wound.
  5. Dairy is the devil.  Had too much ice cream yesterday… woke up this morning with the same stomach ache I went to bed with and a splotchy splotchy face.  I curse you dairy for tasting so delicious.
  6. If you are preggo and coming up with a short list of baby names – you might want to Google that name.  Friends of ours did and quickly discovered that the first hit on their name of choice belongs to a stripper.  They wouldn’t tell us what it is but I can only assume it’s Ialeen Sugar Maple.
  7. No matter what you’re intentions were – you will never get done everything you wanted to on the weekend.

Happy Monday!


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