Local Farmers

You can’t get any more local than from your own rooftop patio!  So the Boy is recalling all he knows about farming – which should be enough, and we have a full farm on our patio… all in pots.

So we’re one week in and so far – I think I’m drowning some of my plants.  My farmer tells me I can’t drown them – but I disagree.  They have an inch of water on top.  That can’t be good.

Nonetheless we have 3 strawberries and one of them is already turning red!

So to start from the beginning… we went to the greenhouse.  Last year I did a lot of my plants from seed.  It was definitely cheaper but it took quite a bit of patience and I started in April.  Since it was already the May long weekend I went with nursery plants.

Here’s your first tip young farmers, if it’s 35C outside spending your afternoon in a greenhouse is not recommended.  But how could I resist look at the choices…

A whole greenhouse full of veggies... we had to make some cuts

I came away with two types of tomatoes, beefstake and cherry, basil, parsley, peas, beans, cilantro, rosemary… and more I’m sure but it was two weeks ago – I can’t remember it all.

The plan was to plant during the week but we didn’t quite make it.  So, the following Sunday the Boy and I went to pick up the few plants we were missing.  You can’t make a Mojito without mint.  We trekked out to  Ritcher’s Herbs… it’s a whole nursery devoted to herbs.

A selection of plants worth the drive to Uxbridge

It’s awesome.  However, it may have been a little further than I thought.  And the Boy may have been losing his mind that we drove 30 minutes for herbs.

We drove and drove and drove.  I had to find someway to reward his commitment to our farm… I got him strawberry plants.

Good practice at working together... boy trying to work on his tan, not so successful

We brought everything to my parents house (the Boy would probably appreciate me writing that it was an additional 35 minutes in the car).  And we started to plant.  Well, first I went for a Chai Tea Latte with my mom and the Boy went shopping for dirt with my dad.  Then we started to plant.

We filled the backseat

A pretty good system – the Boy ran the shovel and I picked the pots and the plants.  Dad took the pictures.  I think he should start a photo-blog since he had so much fun setting up “natural” shots.

We filled the trunk

We were left with one small problem… moving 13 pots 23km from Richmond Hill to Newmarket, plus our laundry, plus a floor fan, plus the Boys golf clubs…. in a 1999 Buick LeSabre.  It was like real life Tetris.

We filled the front seat

But that wasn’t even the biggest endeavour… did I mention our patio is a rooftop?

We had to get all 13 plants up to the roof… in the dark.  Luckily the boy is tall and we have a fire escape! We passed all 13 pots up the fire escape. I’m not really sure how we managed it, but I’m pretty sure if the Boy was 1 inch shorter we wouldn’t have been able to do it. His

Me on the roof taking a picture of the Boy below... it was like a bucket brigade... with plants

6’8″ frame might cause me headaches when trying to dress him… but if comes in handy when moving plants!

The boy likes everything in neat rows and spaces. Everything in it's place.

It took a lot of working together but in the morning I was able to take a picture of our perfectly aligned plants.  I have since changed it to clusters of plants – to which the Boy said “but I liked it in lines.”  To which I replied, “I know you did.”

Greek salad here we come.


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