How am I going to survive the summer?

No Glee for months?  It’s not even over yet as I’ve started typing this and I’m already going through withdrawals.


Top 10 List of My favourite parts of the finale:

I couldn't get the album cover yet without doing it myself - and then I was too proud of my new print screen techniques on my Mac (Apple Key + Shift +3)

  1. Mash up of Bohemian Rhapsody with Labour – Awesome.
  2. When Puck called Beth by name
  3. Santana showing emotion
  4. Emma freaking out
  5. Finn loves Rachael
  6. “I hated everyone in this club”  “Me too”
  7. Emma’s Anthropologie wardrobe
  8. “It’s as barren as me in here Will”
  9. That To Sir With Love AND Somewhere Over the Rainbow made me tear up.
  10. Quinn can pop out a baby and be back at school singing seemingly the next day.
  11. That I couldn’t keep it to 10 things
  12. Journey tribute
  13. That ALL of the songs from the ENTIRE season of Glee are already on my iPod

    These are some mad Photoshop skills

  14. Sue voted for New Directions
  15. Rachael’s Mom is Beth’s Mom
  16. That Kurt’s Dad was in a Time Warner Cable commercial I saw during Glee
  17. Teachers have kids over to their homes and there was no law suit
  18. I have such a love-hate relationship with Jesse
  19. That I checked at 10:39 to see if it was already on Rogers on Demand so I could watch it again… or at least be content to know it was an option
  20. Kurt in a sailor suit
  21. And last but not least – New Directions has one more year!!!

10:41 it wasn’t so I’m now watching the second last episode – to be fair I missed the first 15 minutes of it.

I could go on but now I’m back to watching more Glee… I have keep my priorities.


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