3ish month vacation

Congratulations Chicago.  I’m sure Oprah will be calling you shortly so she can pretend like she watches/follows hockey.  I hear it’s been awhile since you last won that cup thing people are always talking about.  So that’s good news for Toronto – maybe hope is not lost.

But the biggest reason I’m happy for you is now my Saturday night will not be dictated by a hockey schedule.* In fact, because of your victory I will get 3ish months of blissful hockey freedom!  Hurray! Usually the end of the hockey season is my time to show off what I accomplished with my hours in front of a television showing a sport I could care less about (to be fair any sport would fall into this category).  Usually, I knit.  It’s actually why I started knitting in the first place.  To give me something to do with the time I was spending being half of a young and in love couple watching hockey together.  But this winter I didn’t really knit.  I blogged my way through the last part of the season… but not so much with the knitting.

It was suggested to me this winter that I start taking pictures of my knitting so I have some proof, or so I can fondly look back at all my little hands have created.  I thought that was a great idea – but since it was suggested I haven’t really finished anything.  Well that’s not entirely true, I may have forgotten to take a picture of a sweater I finished this spring for the Boy’s niece, and one I did for his other niece at Christmas. 

But here’s the kicker – now that hockey is over, the royal “we” can give our full attention to baseball. Oh, AND the World Cup is starting Friday – so “we’ll” be sure to watch that too.  And with Glee and all of our other compromise shows off for the summer – “we” will have nothing to distract us.

And last but certainly not least – it seems I lost interest in knitting halfway through a project. And I can’t start another one until I’ve finished it, not because I’m not allowed – but because the project was for the Boy and he’ll be all “Hey! What happened to my socks? I don’t care that it’s the middle of the summer!”  And then I’ll feel bad.

So we’re moving to my parents to house-sit for a couple of weeks – and to pay our last respects to my house.  I packed tonight – and do you know what I’m bringing… my knitting.  I’m renewing my commitment to those size 13 feet.  I will have a pair by the end of our stay-cation.

*Side note – for the commitment he makes to hockey you would think the Boy would have watched the final game of the season – too sleepy went to bed after the third period, unable to stay awake for overtime… and he calls himself a fan.

P.S.  The Boy and I are looking for a show to watch on DVD over the summer – you know to avoid going outside and enjoying the beautiful weather! 🙂 Turns out we can’t seem to agree or choose something.  So I am officially taking suggestions.  If you’ve got a show you’re crazy about – let me know before baseball truly takes over my life.

P.P.S. There were supposed to be pictures included in this post but the camera cord didn’t make it into the packing trip – time for a new camera I guess… or a 5 minute trek home.  Whichever.


4 responses

  1. Heyyyy… First, let Dan know I am pretty upset he didn’t watch the final. Second, I have a few suggestions for your TV watching pleasures: LOST, Dexter and Entourage.. all quality shows. See you next week!

    • Hey Chops and welcome to my blog! I’m not sure who this “Dan” person is you speak of… but I’ll let the Boy know that you are upset at people that don’t stay awake for such crucial games!

      We have discussed Lost – and vitoed… but Entourage was one we were throwing around, and I have heard good things about Dexter. I’ll add it to my short list.

  2. Dexter is outstanding and I LOST is amazing if you watch Season 1, Season 2 (until you can’t take anymore) and then skip 3-6, just watch the yearly recaps and then the series finale because it was absolutely incredible.

  3. I second Entourage…great show. Also, How I met your mother is hilarious. Scrubs (at the beginning) was a good one too. Oh, and Weeds is good as well! Just go Showtime or HBO! haha

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