A little DIY… sort of

Boy – “I think your flowers are dead”

Me – “They’re not dead, they’re drying”

Boy – “They look pretty dead”

Stay until the end of a wedding and do you know what your reward is?  The centrepiece of course. At the wedding we went to on the May long weekend – the reward was worth the sore feet at the end of the night.  Beautiful bouquets of peonies, roses, carnations, and other flowers I don’t know the names of.  Pink and white, with just a little green (which was much to the bride’s dismay, but as  beautiful as her florist had said it would be).

The great part about a centrepiece like this – it “dies” nicely.  Well… sort of.

At the point of the conversation above, back when the Boy first started asking me to take care of the dead flowers they did look pretty dead.  It was mostly the fault of the carnations.  I love carnations.  I don’t know what Charlotte was thinking, they are not “filler flowers.”  They’re awesome.  They last forever! As it turned out that was the problem with the dying/drying centrepiece – the Carnations still looked great so it didn’t look like an arrangement of dried flowers.  It looked like an arrangement of dying flowers with the Carnations straggling behind, stubbornly postponing their fate.  I should have taken a picture, but picture this arrangement….

Beautiful and full

but all of the flowers have shrunk down a bit in the drying process… except for the carnations.  Havoc.

My DIY mess

I persevered – or was simply reluctant to throw all of that hard work away so I held on to the notion that the whole thing would eventually dry well.  Enter the DIY project.

The next problem I ran into – some of the flowers and greenery did not dry well.  Mostly the flowers that I don’t know the names of… so I took them out and was left with holes in the beautiful centrepiece.

What is a girl to do? Probably throw it out – except unknowingly the Boy had saved the day!  He bought me roses just over a week ago and because of the terrible heat in our apartment (I can only assume) they dried beautifully too!

Bird's eye DIY

So I clipped out the red roses from the Boy, filled the holes and voila!  Beautiful!

I told the Boy I was going to clean up the “dead flowers” before he left for baseball on Tuesday night… he still hasn’t noticed the new addition to our slanty shelf.

Next DIY putting pictures in the frame!


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