Were you one of the few?

If you were one of the few people checking my blog this weekend (Mom) you may have noticed that every time you checked you found a new look to my blog.

I think I’ve picked a theme for now – but it was a bit of a challenge.

  • Choosing a new theme kinda messes up the pictures you’ve set with your old theme.  If the columns are narrower – you may end up with a row of pictures after all of your text.  I felt the need to find a theme that didn’t make my old posts look too ghetto
  • Adventures of a Mrs – one of the blogs I check in on has fun backgrounds on her blogger blog.  I looked them up and tried to figure out a way to add it to my WordPress blog.  But alas, earwax.  Adding a background like that of the Mrs. requires an upgrade to my account.  Since blogging is not my profession I voted no thanks.

    Is it weird how much I love pictures of rust?

  • Then I started looking for images I could use as a background – an option with one of the new themes.  I didn’t find one I liked – but I did find something I could use as a new header.  I found it from this site – CG Textures you can create an account and download royalty free images for your site.  The agreement is only that you won’t compile them and print them as a set for sale.  Sweet. 
  • The picture I chose for the header – rusted paint.  I really like rust – but I also thought it was an artsy representation of the chaos that the twenties can seem to be some days.  But I mostly just like the rust.
  • Finally you’ll notice a new button on the right sidebar.  This button belongs to SITS – The Secret is in the Sauce.  SITS is an online community of women that support each other by reading each other’s blogs and leaving comments. There tag line – “The secret to success is support.”  It’s an effort I’m making to find different blogs to read – and also to see if it might help Oprah to find me.  I’ll be sure to report if I see a huge spike in my stats!

So that’s the short version of the back and forth decision-making.  What do you think?  Worth the effort? Go back to the old look? Try again?

Feedback people.  I need feedback!

2 responses

  1. Love it! Clean, sleak and stylish all the same time – much like you! The rust header is a like a hidden pattern inside a somewhat conservative piece of clothing…and we all know how much you love the hidden pattern 🙂

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