Do you know what stinks?

Boy’s feet. Specifically boy’s feet that have been in work boots all day.  They’re hot, they’re sweaty, they’re gross.  Boy takes shower – feet no longer stink, hurray! But do you know what does? Boy’s socks.  They’re wet and smelly and dropped into the hamper only to be discovered on laundry day. 

Gag me.

I do our laundry most weeks.  I have noticed that the Boy’s socks are simply gross.  So I’m determined to fix this problem.  Off to Joe Fresh – 8 new pairs $6.  Score! 

The Boy doesn’t think this will help… he thinks it’s the boots.  He’s probably right.  Next effort – new insoles for the boots.  If that doesn’t help – maybe new boots… or new feet one of the two.

It gives me a glimpse into my future with stinky teenage boy feet.  I think I’m really starting to appreciate why my parents left my brother’s shoes in a mall garbage can one summer after camping.  A whole new level of stinky.


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