Random Things…

  1. Men that honk their horns at women.  This has happened to me twice in the last week.  What is this? What is the ideal outcome of honking your horn at a girl while you are driving down the road?  Or yelling and waving at a group of girls that are golfing while you drive by in your golf cart?  Do men think that this is impressive?  Seriously.  What is the best case scenario of this situation?  I don’t understand.
  2. People that misspell words common words.  I understand that spelling is not everyone’s forte.  My sister can give you multiple reasons that spelling tests in elementary schools are perfectly useless.  But a basic understanding of the English language is an asset I think.  I notice this especially on Facebook.  Congradulations?  C’mon.  Give me a break.
  3. Young couples that dress alike.  Drove past a couple in their early twenties that were walking in the park in matching white outfits.  I was looking for a golf hat the other day and ended up with a pink one – because the white one with green lettering was too similar to the boy’s golf hat, white with black lettering.  They were actually different – but the boy felt they were too similar.  After seeing this couple, probably a good call.
  4. People with flags on their cars that are not actually watching the world cup – nor do they have any understanding of soccer.  It’s both random and hilarious when you discover they have no idea what’s going on. This is not to say that I do… but I don’t have a flag either.
  5. When you hear something random in two places in the same week.  This might need some explanation. I was listing to my This American Life podcast last weekend titled “Held Hostage.”   The first story was about a radio program in Colombia where family of hostage victims can phone in messages to their captive loved ones – in the hopes that they have access to a radio.  One girl they interviewed sends a message to her father who has been held hostage for 12 years, every year on her birthday – she was turning 13 in the interview.  I listened to that on Saturday – thinking that’s so sad, he’s likely dead and they still hold on to hope that he can hear them.  Tuesday morning I opened the paper (which I only did because I am staying at my parents) to find an article about three hostages that have been found and rescued, after being held hostage for 12 years.  I went to work, I googled.  Same family.  Random.
  6. When you get your family news from Facebook – and not from your family.  Family in Whitby if you’re reading – I’m talking about you.  You’re moving to Calgary? WTF? 

2 responses

  1. You have a grammar mistake in #2 which is almost ironic because you’re talking about bad spelling.

    “People that misspell words common words.”

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