Home Sweet Home

The parents are back from there adventures in Alaska, and that means the Boy and I have returned to our apartment. Back to a smaller television, no more dog, but air conditioning that works – so that’s cool (Haha punny).

We spent the weekend in St. Mary’s this weekend, golfing (of course) and starting our friends off on the right foot by FULLY participating in their Buck and Doe.  I paid for my enthusiasm with a nasty headache and a sad tummy on Sunday, but it was totally worth it. Good times had by all.

Best news of the weekend – we got the Boy’s car back.  Hurray! Better than that, it didn’t cost us several months rent! HUZZAH!  Friendly Frank fixed the problem – caused not by a bad oil change, or a missed oil change but by a crack in the intake gasket.  Basically, anti-freeze was getting into the oil and the ticking was caused by a lack of initial start-up lubrication…. or something.  What I know for sure is that Frank was ready to only charge the Boy for parts – super generous but not a fair value of his time or the money he saved us.  So the Boy was sure to give him a bonus, and a BIG thank you.  In the end even though the money went to and from different accounts – the car was paid for mostly out of change we saved in the last 8 months! Score!! He also took a look at the brake line and now the Red Rocket is not only riding without ticking – it STOPS with ease!

In other news we are invited to another wedding for this summer.  These friends of ours are getting hitched left, right and centre!  Conveniently, this unexpected invite lands on the one weekend of the summer that the Boy has off and we don’t have anything scheduled.  Our summer is officially booked.  But two weddings in two weeks – I think I may need to find a new dress.


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